Tuesday, March 29, 2016


I had the best intentions of posting more often during my week off but I got hit by the flu train.  If I had to pay for my annual flu shot I would ask for my money back!
Fortunately, it held off long enough I was able to get in some visiting and some junking and some making before the forced resting began.
I picked up a bunch of used vintage greeting cards a while back and the urge hit me to make them in to tags.  I RARELY have the opportunity of stop what I'm doing and follow my muse so making these was a real treat for me.
I also finished another page in the altered book.  The font I chose made it a little hard to read.  It says:
Don't think too much, you will create a problem that wasn't even there.
Good words!

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Plenty of Nothing

I might not get all my nothing done but it is sure fun trying!

Sunday, March 20, 2016

No Wonder!

 I am on vacation this week.  It is a stay-cation to de-frag and re-boot my brain so plenty of junking and resting on my agenda.  I have come to terms with the junkalanche being a revolving door.  I am still attempting to organize it better but the ebb and flow of junk comes with the Etsy and antique mall territory so no more beating myself up over it.
 Yes, I bought a HUGE pile of doilies which then necessitated buying a bigger tub to soak them in - LOL!  I finally found the price point where they move.  Since people are not willing to pay much for them I still wash and block but I no longer press them.  I still have the satisfaction of knowing I rescued them and passed them along to someone who appreciates them.  Which is clearly one of my missions in life since I am unable to leave them behind.
 Two pretty old books and an adorable and very vintage bisque Bavarian doll.
 I can't decide if this cake plate is a toy or just intended for small treats.  It is about 8" in diameter.  Anyone know??  The paint is starting to peel so I'm hoping I can seal it with Mod-Podge.
 Yes, I bought this and put it in my booth because some MAN will probably buy it.  It is a wooden postcard.  And his wife can say, "Is that right?  Well which one of us bought that stupid postcard!".
 And now to the title of this post...  It is no wonder those of us who grew up in a certain era have body image issues.
 It tells who?
 Complete with handy little boxes so you can check your weight and write it down each month and obsess over it.
Nowhere does it mention that if you aren't shaped that way then you should start over with different parents because that isn't how your body is shaped.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Erin Go Bragh!

Get your green on!
Happy St. Patrick's Day

Monday, March 14, 2016

I Run and I Run to Catch Up to the Sun but It's Sinking

When I was a senior in High School I started every single morning by setting the needle down on my Dark Side of the Moon record at just the right spot to play Pink Floyd's "Time".  For you young folks, a record is made of black vinyl and you need a turntable to play one.  You couldn't pick which song you wanted to hear but you could learn where the song you wanted was positioned in the grooves and set the needle down in that spot.  We still have a turntable at our house.  Our grown-up kids and their friends think that is really cool - LOL!  My granddaughter made me listen to Justin Beeber on the computer so made her listen to The Monkees.  I am getting WAY off topic here....
So every morning I listened to that song.  It probably had something to do with me leaving home for the big city as soon as I turned 18.  I have spent my entire life running to catch up to the sun.  I would like to think I could slow down when I retire and "smell the roses" but I have a feeling it is too late and I am hard-wired to rush.  Until I spontaneously explode into a cloud of junk and glitter.  Not a bad way to go.
Oh, this is the latest page in the altered book.  Forgot to say that.

Thursday, March 10, 2016


I uploaded these pictures several day ago then forgot to write the post - DOH!  Better late than never.
I promised to show my favorites from the recent button tin so here we go.  These are all glass, always my favorite, and the gold one is black glass.  I adore the little bear!
I used to find a lot of Girl Scout buttons but they are getting fewer and far between.
Red glass bears.
Sadly I tossed some of the metal buttons in to my collection without taking pictures of them.  This ear of corn is pretty cool.  Who would think of putting that on a button??
A few finds in an Autumn theme. I like the name - Dandy File.  Well, that's just dandy!  8+)
My favorite find last week is this old jump rope complete with jingle bells.  It is in well-loved condition which makes me very happy.  The evidence of hours of fun from a time when children went outside and PLAYED.  Sad to think it might be an "artifact".  I loved to play four-square at recess.  Did you have a favorite game?
A great little Tiny Tim tin (say that three times fast!) for the Christmas hoard.  Oh, I mean stash.
The vintage linen remix pillow cases - so far. I finished ironing them last weekend.  I kind of like ironing pillow cases.  That is the first thing my mother let me iron.  They are kind of hard to mess up!
 I'm still waffling over taking them to the antique mall.  What do you think?  Antique mall or Etsy??

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Button Fun!

 I met an old friend for lunch yesterday and she surprised me with a tin of buttons from her mother.  How sweet is that!!  I haven't had any new buttons to sort in MONTHS so I'm looking forward to the treasure hunt.
 The tin is pretty interesting, too.  The inside of the lid is notched so you can hang it on the wall and the bottom of the tin has the same design as the lid.  I haven't seen one like this before.
I will report back on what the treasure hunt reveals!