Thursday, May 28, 2015

One Day Fix

I had little time for junking last week due to the big girl job so Friday noon was my only stop last week.  It was a good junk fix! The tablecloth in the back has some stains so it will be a cutter to line the inside of the wire shopping cart that is still sitting here waiting for a rescue. The picture is perfectly dark and aged in my eyes.
This celluloid covered box is a little worse for wear but it is staying with me for a while so no worries.  It will eventually get a bit of fix-up too.  The inside is crying out for some vintage wallpaper.
The suitcase is, well, a suitcase.  What else can I say!  It has a pretty burgundy satin lining.  I didn't get a good picture of the pillowcase on top of the suitcase.  It is a single and has the sweetest southern bell and pink ruffled edge.  Perfect for a little girl's room and already listed over on my Etsy.  I spotted another set of pillowcases with blue birdies, a single with embroidered roses and some doilies, of course, because I'm stupid on those darn things.  I finally caught up on the ones I had laundered with FOUR HOURS of ironing last Saturday.  Good grief.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Sunday Play Time

I took a break last Sunday for some much-needed "making" time.  I'm not so sure about one day making a week of content but it sure did make a day of content!
Maybe I should {{whisper}} this next part so I don't tempt fate...  I got a call yesterday that the little space at the antique mall came open after all and I am IN on July 1.  Back to excited and nervous!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

No R&R is Complete Without a Little Junking!

I had last Thursday and Friday off so we headed over to the Oregon coast for some R&R.  This is the view from our room in Lincoln City.  We aren't much for beach walking since it is usually pretty windy and chilly but we sure enjoy the wave watching. Oh yes, and the sound of the surf through the open window.
I was determined to not bring home a bunch of Etsy-bound work for myself so was only shopping for things for myself.  I was specifically looking for another vintage flower print to fill in a blank spot I created in my bedroom, postcards for my collection and buttons are ALWAYS on my list.
I held out just fine until we made a stop at Goodwill on the way out of town.  Well, I couldn't pass up two big poke sacks.  I could see there was lots of old lace trim and a few doilies.  Those braid pieces at the bottom of the picture are zippers.  I have never seen any like them and sure didn't buy them on purpose but hopefully someone will want them.
That jar in the middle contains buttons.  I could tell that most would be "keepers" so it didn't break my rule. 8+)  Oh wait, there are no rules with buttons.
I took this photo of the keepers while we were still at the motel.  No, I couldn't wait to open it until I got home.
I also picked up the sweet crochet pincushion for myself.  I have bought and sold a few over the years and have kind of been regretting letting them go.  I love the colors on this one so it will be staying with me.
This is a Spring garden update.  The Husband has been growing dahlias in this bed next to the garage/shop for years.  He was tired of taking care of them and wanted something different.  Out with the dahlias and in with the grapes!  There are two different varieties of table grapes.  They clearly have some growing to do but I think they will look pretty, plus cover up my faded away "faux" flower garden.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Recent Finds

 I have a little quote taped above my desk that says "Gently remind yourself that life is okay the way it is, right now".  I am embracing that when it comes to junking.  Yes, I know I pick faster than I can list, but why not??  I list as fast as I can and I am a master at jinga in my art room so why not?
 No worries about this one.  A new (to me!) nativity for my collection.  Baby Jesus and palm trees??
 I have a soft spot for old tole trays and this one is beautiful.
 Another rose saucer added to the stack.  Someday I will have that elusive booth and someone will find this for their tea party and it will make their day.  How can that not make me feel happy?
 This already make some one's day and maybe it will again one of these days.
 I plucked this little basket out of a bin because I always feel compelled to look inside containers.  I don't know what I think I'm going to find bu I always have to look.  Pandora syndrome, I guess...
 What a delightful surprise!!
The most teeny, tiny little baskets EVER!  I am glad I looked and they are rescued from the landfill.
So it is clear by now that I have been going through some angst about my love of junking lately but I think I am working my way through it and making peace.  I love junking, it gives me joy, so why not?  Do any of you struggle with this??

Monday, May 11, 2015

A Little Junking and A Little Puttering

Two days off and 3 good night sleeps plus two naps and I feel so much better!  It is amazing what a little rest can do for the outlook.  Yes, I did a little junking last week because it is what I do.  I took some pictures of the whole pile, like always, but they turned out wonky and I didn't check until after I put everything away.  You get the bits and pieces in this post.
I adore the cover on this old book.  I don't know much about books so I just buy the ones with pretty covers - LOL!  The vase is McCoy and will be staying with me for a while.
A big BIG spool of avocado green fringe because everyone needs one of those plus a new aluminum tray for my collection.
I found a bundle of these grapevine stars at The Bins a while back and thought they would look good in my pergola.  I hung them up yesterday.  Puttering. Hopefully the squirrels don't steal them like they did with the prayer flags. No, I wasn't tipping over when I took this picture.
I had one of those totally politically incorrect Indian babies when I was a little girl only mine was made even worse by a little leather loincloth and a feather headdress.
A neat old 70s cake carrier.  Funny how styles and come and go and those colors are back.
My whisk broom collection has grown to five so I hung them up.  More puttering.
Well, I said I bought 3 chair legs and I wasn't joking.  I will probably sell two because many vintage easy chairs only have fancy legs on the front.  When you turn the other one upside down it looks like it could be a stand for something.  I'm sure Betsy would have an idea!
Have you been noticing that vintage Santa and the Putz?  They seem to be photo-bombing this post.  These illustrations are from an old copy of The Lost Princess of OZ.  The binding was completely missing and many of the pages were colored on but I managed to salvage the color illustration.  The rag doll is C.R.E.E.P.Y.
I just heard a segment on the news about coloring books for grown-ups.  Have any of you tried those?  Sounds fun and I need yet ANOTHER thing to do - LOL!

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

My Junky Week

Well phooey, another week nearly slipped away without a post.  The good news is...  last Saturday marked the final go-live for a project I have been working for the past two years at the big girl job. Last night we had closure with a celebration event.  It has been exhausting and there are plenty of new projects on the horizon but the train has pulled in to the station.  I am sooo happy to have it behind me.  I always say I make my living as a Business Analyst and I make my joy junking and blogging.  I am looking forward to more time for making my joy for a while!
The Bins has become my refuge, giving me a 45 minute break of mindless junking in the middle of nearly every work day. It is a love/hate relationship.  It has preserved what little is left of my exhausted little pea-brain by forcing me out of my office instead of working straight through for 9 hours every day but it also adds another 4 hours to the end of every day while I photograph, list, pack and ship to keep my head above water in the art room.
I am getting burned out on that front, as well, and need to shift back the other way so I can find some time for "making".  I am craving some time putting together inspiration kits and altered Altoids tins.
I really just need a vacation to get caught up.  A really long vacation.  You can probably tell that by now!  This "First Christmas" is a 40s pop-up book in its original box.  All of these photos are Bins finds from last week.
These are the first gold Monopoly game pieces I have found.  Yes, I have a collection.  I found this odd dragonfly ring in the bottom of a bin.  No matter which way I put it on, it seems like a weapon - LOL.
This isn't my first rodeo on a project like this but I was in my 40s last time.  It was MUCH harder this time.  29 months to go until making my joy can be at the tops of the list. In the meantime I am hanging in, showing up, paying attention and trying to add value.
This TV tray is missing the legs but I'm pretty sure I have a tray in the attic with a much worse top and I can switch out the legs for this one.
Anybody remember those "baby" A&W rootbeer mugs?  This one included a dead spider.  He way mummified so he was light and didn't cost much.  I didn't give you much commentary on the junk this time and I hope you don't think I'm whining.  Maybe you will just think I have lost my mind.  You might be right.
Seriously, I might have.  I bought three chair legs today.  Three.  I don't know why I thought THAT was a good idea.  I have next Thursday and Friday off.  Thank goodness.