Saturday, August 31, 2013

Fun At Nina and Joe's

 It has been at least a couple of weeks [gasp!] since I have visited my new favorite honey hole, Nina and Joe's Division Street Antiques.  Oh my, those two know their junk!  I looked at every single thing.  Twice.  And touched most of it.  8+)
 As usual, Nina had some buttons set aside for me to look at.  You can't see a lot of them in these photos but you know I will share when I have them cleaned and sorted.   A nice batch of MOP buttons came in that pink jewelry box like they were just sitting there waiting for me to find them.  How cool are the graphics on that 1902 story book in the back plus a neat old candy box over there on the right.
 There are quite a few rhinestone buttons in this sparky pile of vintage goodness.  I can't wait to poke through it!
I know you aren't supposed to take any wooden nickles and I didn't, I paid for them.  Who could pass on a gallon bag of them, I ask you?  Okay, I am off now to run my fingers through those rhinestones!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Late Summer Bounty: Black Tomotoes

 These little black beauties were a happy accident.  Last Spring I told The Farmer to be sure he included some cherry tomatoes in The Farm because I think they are just like little bites of sunshine.  When he went to buy tomato plants, the store only had one cherry tomato plant left and it was a black tomato.  Well okay, something new to try out!
They were black right from the start so we didn't know how to tell when they were ripe other than to pick one and bite it.  We eventually figured out that the slightly green bottom turns pink when they are ready.  They look just like plums and they are yummy, indeed.
We also have traditional tomatoes that are coming on strong now.  We have been eating something from the garden nearly every day since the start.  First was lettuce and radishes then the peas, beans and summer squash.  Now we are starting to harvest the root crops like turnips, rutabagas and beets.  Late summer bounty!
Friday UPDATE!  Lunch at my desk today - SO good!

Monday, August 26, 2013

New Buttons

 I made a large button score last month and I am remiss in sharing pictures of my favorites.  I apologize in advance because I am sure some of these photos overlap.
 Plastic buttons with rhinestones.
 China, bone and some carved MOP on the right edge.
 These are all glass except a colorful wooden one peeking up from the bottom.
 Interesting metal buttons, some very pretty MOP and those brown buttons have a scout emblem on them.  I usually find green.  Does anyone know if they are Boy Scout or Girl Scout?  I was thinking maybe Cub Scouts??  I am sure I can find out on line but I haven't made the effort yet.
 Interesting plastic buttons.
 More plastic...
 The two in the upper left are both tight tops.  There are several uniform buttons in this picture and I have never seen ones like that discus thrower or the lighthouse.
 Love that big Lucite button!
 As always, click the pictures bigger to get a better look.
 The mauve one with the white wash are among my favorites.  There is a rather plain little Bakelite in the lower left corner but I will take Bakelite in any form!
 A couple neat deco-style in this lot.  My Granddaughter's little cousin picked up one of the red ones and declared it a Target button - lol!
 Pierced is always good.
This was a very large lot and took quite a while to clean and wash and my stash for Etsy is well replenished!  Now, seriously, I am going to get busy getting my work bench cleared off.  I mean it this time.  Here I go...

Thursday, August 22, 2013

What You Can Do With Old T-Shirts Besides Wash The Car

 I finished my other project tonight.  Skirts made from pieced t-shirts have been all over the Internet lately and on my bucket list of things to try.  My version I made from three XL men's t-shirts from the 75% off rack at the VOA.  That made the total fabric cost about $5.  I used an old four-gore skirt pattern I had laying around.  The pattern was too small (there are adult women with 24" waists??) so getting the fit right was a little tricky.  The pattern was not for stretch fabric so I knew it would "grow" a bit as I sewed it together but didn't know how much.  In the end I added a little piece of elastic at the top, just to make sure it wouldn't fall off if I got all rowdy and started leaping around.  Ya, right.
This was my inspiration skirt.  I bought it at the Cracked Pots show I went to back in July.  It was made by Carrena Lukas of Skrappyjoy.  It is so comfortable and I love the way she did the angles.  Something to aspire to!  She also used a serger so the seams are finished much more nicely than mine.  I just set my old workhorse on a narrow zigzag stitch.  It was really easy so I see more of these in my future and will absolutely be checking out those clearance racks for interesting graphics.  If you decide to give it a try, get the biggest shirts you can.
In the meantime, back to photographing and listing.  My workbench is covered again after that mega-pick last weekend!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

A Little Embelishment

 I have had a couple of projects rattling around in my head for a while and finally got my table cleared off long enough to tackle them.  Actually, I made it a GOAL.  This is the first project, an embellished  blouse.  I purchased the green blouse at VOA for a song.  Well not really a song.  They would have asked me to leave if I started  singing.  The armholes kind of "gaped" so I added darts to tuck them in, then I embellished it by cutting [gasp!] the corners off one of my hankies, gathering the pieces a bit and stitching them to the neck.  Then I used a variegated embroidery floss to do a blanket stitch around the neck and armholes.  Hand stitching is NOT one of my talents.
I decided my uneven stitching didn't really matter since I was going for an Anthropology or Free People look.  I'm not sure what I ended up with...  Old People??  Grammy Grunge??  Har! Har! Har!
Stay tuned, next up is a skirt I'm working on....

Monday, August 19, 2013

Weekend Mega-Pick

 This weekend I had the junk-luck on my side when I hit an estate sale that dreams are made of.  I saw it on line and it was close enough that I could dash over on my lunch hour Friday.  It was a zoo and I only managed to get into one room where I snatched up the vintage photos and cabinet cards.  I was out of time and, because I wasn't prepared, out of money.  They would only take cash and I gave them every dime in my purse.
 Saturday morning I got up, drank some coffee, and headed out without even a shower, something I NEVER do.  Well, I guess I should because I got there about 15 minutes into the second day and I was astounded that some of the things I saw while I was waiting in the line day before were still there.  The junking gods were smiling down on me!
 Debbie Reynolds paper dolls on the second day?  Really?  There was SO much stuff in this house that I suppose I shouldn't be surprised.  That big octagon box in the back is a vintage Wisconsin cheese box.  The graphics around the sides all show cheese making scenes.  I managed to get most of the Christmas paper off the lid but removing the glue is beyond me.  I'm guessing it is white glue.  Any ideas?  It is still a neat box but it would be nice to clean off the lid a little more.
 Lots of wooden spools, sewing trims and tatting.  Those watercolor pencils in the back are a very vintage set from Eberhard Faber.  The set isn't complete but I love the graphics on it and the way you can flip up the trays inside to make a stand for them.  You can barely see there is an old child's suitcase in the back.  The trim in the lower left is sitting on top of a vintage clothespin bag.  It was filled with old wooden and plastic clothespins and cleaned up quite nicely.
 This is all trims and tatted edging, NO DOILIES!  I am so proud.  Trust me, there were tons of them and I had to work hard at not going back on Sunday to rescue them.
 In the lower left you can see a couple of additions to my collection of satin lingerie bags.  Does anyone know what the little white purse-shaped thing with the pink roses is?  It doesn't open and it is filled with something puffy, not anything that feels like sachet.
 Underneath the cookie cutters, trim and pin box, you can make out a beautiful needlepoint rug.  I actually got two of them.  The colors are perfect for my bathroom so I am keeping the smaller one and the larger on will head off to Etsy.
 I adore those old tinted portraits and have to wonder why she didn't take off her glasses and how he felt about those bright pink lips they painted on him!  These things are all sitting inside the little suitcase I mentioned earlier.
 Click this picture bigger and you might be able to read a bit of the trip diary.  It is not very old, just the 80s but it was quite a trip.  On this page she is telling about traveling from Milan to Venice.  They even went for a gondola ride!  They visited Germany, Switzerland and Italy.
 Oh!  Here is a closer shot of the little satin purse.  A crochet sunbonnet girl does not count as a doily.  Just saying.
 A couple of sweet sewing baskets that are going to be filled with goodies for Etsy.
 A new satin dresser box for my collection.  My custom cabinet is just about full.  Is that a good thing or a bad thing??  Maybe I'll work on switching them out for boxes that match the color inside.
 Hankies and some neat playing cards with Norwegian Rosemaling designs.  The painting I did back in the day was heavily influenced by Rosemaling and Bauernmalerei.  I have a Norwegian heritage and my husband is from Germany so I suppose it makes sense those were the styles I gravitated toward.  Getting off topic...
One of my favorite finds of the day.  Some ladies out on the lawn walking their pet bear.  Seriously.  Click it bigger.  That's a bear.  A big bear. Good golly!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Custom Order For A Special Occasion

 A loyal Etsy customer, Lynn Viehl,  recently requested a custom inspiration kit to help her celebrate a very special occasion.  She makes stunning crazy quilt tote bags and planned to make one as a give-away to celebrate publication of her 50th novel, "Her Laydyship's Curse".  Wow!  What an accomplishment!  Naturally, I was thrilled to be able to have a small role in helping her celebrate.
She requested peacock colors.  I asked if she had any other requests, like heavy on beads or a particular color and was very flattered to hear that she doesn't make a plan until she gets the kit and lets it inspire her.  My inspiration kit copy includes a phrase that says something to the effect that "no instructions are included, trust yourself, you will know what to do".  Indeed she does!
She has extended the invitation to enter her give-away to all of you.  Be sure to read forward on her blog, not just the give-away post that I linked to, because she has added more items to the bag every single day.  Someone is going to be a very lucky winner, indeed, and it might be you!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Weekend Treasures

 Saturday afternoon I was able to spend a little time out wandering around in the world.  It was good to just fill up my eyes and relax!  I visited two new antique shops I had been wanting to check out.  Neither had the type of things I was interested in buying but still fun to look.
  I finished up with a walk through Monticello Antique Mall where I picked up a few buttons and an old wooden cheese box.  It has been my experience that green is the least common color I find so I was happy when I spotted a little bag of all green.  I have accumulated SO many buttons lately that I am thinking about making up a few cards of single colors.  So many ideas, so little time....
On Sunday I made my weekly pilgrimage to the VOA and they delivered, as usual.  Everything else was purchased there.  I love that the tart tins are in the original vintage box!  Yes, I know that glass cone should be the other way around and in a stand but I have in my mind to use it as a cloche.  I think the piece of fabric will inspire my next inspiration kit.  I love that color combination.  Now that I think of it, these latest finds have a color theme going on.  Do you have any favorite colors lately?

Friday, August 9, 2013

Plucky Junk

I had a fun time at the Plucky Maidens Junk Fest last night and picked up a few little treasures as I strolled around.  There was SO much fun stuff to see, if only I had more room!  Most of what I got will be headed to my Etsy.  The little rectangular flower frog is one I don't have and I adore the little rubber stamps and the hankie with the all-over floral design so those will be staying with me.  You might need to click the photo bigger to even spot them in the center.
I also had the pleasure of meeting Melanie from All My Favorite Things plus I ran into a gal I work with that was vending.  I didn't even know she was in to vintage so it was one of those small world things and fun to find out.
Our weather continues to be lovely and I am ready for a relaxing weekend ahead.  I hope your is the same!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

I'm Still Here

Yes, I am still here!  During my unannounced hiatus I was enjoying a visit from my dear MIL.  We shopped, we ate, we spent time with family and we ate some more.  In the evenings we visited while I worked in the art room and I managed to finish up three new inspiration kits for the Etsy shop.  They aren't listed yet as I write this but I will be getting back to my regularly scheduled programming shortly.
 Here are a few of my favorite buttons from a recent score.  Thank you Nina and Joe!  I have more to sort and clean so stay tuned.
I received my purchase from Laurie's Etsy shop, Indulge Your Shelf and she included these yummy fabrics and a handmade matchbox filled with buttons.  She knows me well.  Thank you, Laurie!
Later this week I will be attending the Plucky Maiden's show at McMenamins' Edgefield.
Summer is good and August is just beginning.  Does anyone else feel like time slowed down this Summer??  I don't know why my world feels that way ('bout time!) but I'll take it!
IMPORTANT UPDATE:  Jennifer from Adventures in Mixed Media identified the elf doll as The Little Sandman, a German television character.  The program has been running from 1959 until now so likely a little newer than the clerk at VOA thought.  Thank you Jennifer!