Thursday, October 29, 2015

Little Stuff

Tuesday was all about little stuff so I decided to try a "flat lay" again.  This time I arranged things on a footstool so I could get a better angle.  I tested using the camera and using my phone and was surprised when the phone took the better picture!

Sunday, October 25, 2015

One Junk Stop This Week

 I have been being good and trying to stay on task with getting Christmas sorted and priced for the booth but couldn't resist just one junk stop.  All this honeycomb goodness will be headed to Ethel for a touch of her magic and add to her collection.  It isn't my gig but it will fit right in for her holiday decor.
 This holiday card holder is missing the bottom but I think it will be an easy fix and the graphics are adorable.
 A vintage blue Tonka just waiting for a Christmas tree and another Made in Japan knee hugger.  That girl in the halter top thinks he's hot!
 Sometimes you toss something in your bag because it seems like a good idea at the time and when you get it home you realize it looks like Santa had a roadside tragedy...8+(
 I grabbed that picture-holder because I keep looking for ideas to display single ornaments.  I think this might work out for a few.  Betsy, when I find something like this rusty wheel it always makes me think of you.  I mean that in a good way!
It has been a while since I found a new aluminum tray for my collection.
I haven't been posting as often since I am finding my way in this new world of Etsy PLUS a mall space and appreciate you folks who are sticking with me while I find my way.  Yes, I have been finding some time for play, too, and hope to post about those projects soon.  Have a great week!

Sunday, October 18, 2015

The Week in Junk

 I'm still here and still digging for buried treasure but I haven't been very good about taking pictures this week because my work table is covered with Christmas.  If you follow me on Instagram you have already seen the goodies above.
One of the canisters is missing the lid so it will be added to the collection on my potting bench.  The Christmas hatbox is also missing the top but I might be able to use it to corral stuff in the booth.  If not, it will certainly make sorting prettier! I was delighted when I found three pieces of chalk ware because I rarely run in to any.  The Infant of Prague sold right away. The tray is a huge 16" diameter, hand painted Japan.  I am never sure if this stuff is called paper mache or composite because it seems like a combination of the two.  Anyone know the proper name?
 This is the Friday junk.  I pushed the Christmas mess to the side and cropped it out.  The magic of photo editing - haha!
 The pincushion was added to my collection and I might just keep that old jar wrench for a while.  It seems pretty handy.  The old Christmas lights don't look like they have ever been used and I like the box.
 When I first spotted the storage box it was missing the top 6 drawers so I passed on it.  About four bins later I spotted a couple of the drawers so I dashed back and grabbed the cabinet.  I dug and dug in the second bin and managed to come up with all of the missing drawers.  I always wonder how things that go together manage to land in separate bins but it happens quite a bit.
These buttons were the same story.  I found a couple of tight tops in a bin so I knew there was old sewing stuff there which always prompts me to dig deeper.  I moved to the next bin and spotted another old button so ended up digging clear to the bottom in both to rescue this handful.  The junk jewelry was found inside the tin.
Now back to that Christmas mess.....8+)

Tuesday, October 13, 2015


Wow, another week slipped away!  I have been being good and slowing the roll on the junking while I try to get the art room cleaned up and ready to prep for Christmas at the booth.  I hauled all of the Christmas bins down from the attic and piled in the spare bedroom last weekend.  Now I get to have the fun of re-junking while I discover it all a second time.  I'm kind of excited to start digging in!

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Weekend Junk Fix

First of all, a big THANK YOU to everyone who weighed in on my flower de-stash!  I am going with mostly sorted by color plus a few mixed lots.  Now I just need to buckle down and get it done so I can clean off my work table and get started on Christmas for the booth.
This is the weekend junk.  Not a lot but it doesn't take a lot to get in a junking fix - LOL!  That foggedy looking thing in the back is a mirror with a nice etched design at the top.
Plenty of little this and that for the booth.  The old MJB can has already found a home on my potting bench and the round picture at the bottom will be coming apart for a make-over.
These poor girls are in pieces.  There was a friendly head-hunter at The Bins who helped me search for body parts.  The St. Patrick's doll is still missing one arm and I have no clue how to put them back together again but couldn't just abandon them there.
Another sweet mid-century angel for the Christmas booth.  Gosh, I hope people want these things because I keep finding them.
Speaking of mid-century, I adore the colors of these old padded hangers.  The two turquoise ones match perfectly with a wonderful old apron I scored a while back.  None of the above has made it's way to the booth so far.
I am very pleased with my sales so far but it is kind of frustrating that it is so small.  I am still picking a whole lot faster than I have room for and, OH!, my poor attic.  Sometimes I'm thinking I try to cram too much in there and maybe it would be better to have less so people can see things easier but hard to know what to do....
Does anyone know what in the world these little plaque things are??  Please click this one bigger so you can see.  Leave them like they are or cut them apart??
No, this is not more flowers for my hoard, it is a HAT and it is in good condition.  This is something I hardly ever find around here so was happy as a clam when I spotted it.  The giraffe is a squeak and the very first one I have found.  Bonus, it is not rock hard and still squeaks.
Another tiny Shiny Brite nativity, fun old Lotto cards and more Monopoly game pieces for my collection.
Love this old pincushion.  The tomato is sewn to the plastic doily so it is a little hat.  Cute!
More mid-century, an adorable tape holder.  Now I just have to find the plastic thing-y that you hand the roll on.  It looks like one from a different tape dispense will work.
I am not even going to show you the hoard of patterns that are waiting for me to check and photograph them but how could I pass these up??
This little guy is not old, even though he looks like he is.  He is made of resin and just weathered.  He looks perfectly fine in my garden!

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Too Much of a Good Thing... Advice Please!

If any of you ever hoarded accumulated (not that any of you would ever do that) FAR too many craft flowers and decided to de-stash, would you group them by color to sell them or mixed lots??  I'm pondering this heap and trying to decide which way to go.  What would you do?

Friday, October 2, 2015

Play Time Matters

Yep, I have been easing back in to real life after vacation.  Don't want to rush in to things!  I worked a little more in the altered quote book.  I made the page on the right first and couldn't decide which quote to use so I made the page on the left and just used both.  I keep waiting for an opportunity to use the quote on the left at the office - LOL!
I picked up a little pamphlet with gorgeous floral pictures at The Bins this week.  My glue stick was already out so I decided to add them to the blank pages in my Nature's Bounty journal from Karla Nathan's swap.
Every single one is beautiful in it's own right so might be hard to add additional embellishments on top of them.

Some pretty girls in addition to the floral pictures.
I tried to match them to the pages on the opposite sides.  The lovely ladies lend themselves to additions more than the floral pictures but I am also trying to get away from always adding quotes and words.  I would like to just make one of those "glue books" one of these days. Goodness knows I have plenty of ephemera!
I hope you are taking some time for play.  It is IMPORTANT!