Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Truth in Blogging

 Some of you have lovely potting benches surrounded by pots of blossoms.  We have a spot in the very back of the yard that we semi-fondly call "the barnyard".  We have a "farm" (garden), a "lake" (fishpond) and a "woods walk" (tree tunnel), so a barnyard is fitting.  This is the business end of the yard.  Compost, garden tools, utility trailer, storage shed and, yes, a potting bench.
 There is another matching window on the other side of the door but it has been overgrown by the shrubs.  We don't eat at this picnic table because the apple tree rains down debris.  It is more of an outdoor work space for sawing, potting, etc.  On the left, out of camera, is the utility trailer.
 I don't have any pots of flowers back here.  It is way too hard to drag the hose back here for watering.  I painted the sunflowers on the doors about 15 years ago and I'm tired of them and keep thinking I need to do something different but that's about as far as it gets.  A project for another day.
 I built the potting bench from pallet wood about 10 years ago.  The eve on the shed extends over it nearly 2 feet so, for the most part, it stays dry.  The wood tool box in the back was gifted from my MIL after her husband passed away.  The slanted front lifts up and there is a removable tray inside.  It needs a pretty paint job.  Another project for another day!
 Since I don't have flowers back here, I add a few colorful accents.  All of the pottery pieces were damaged when I got them but suitable for garden decor where the squirrels like to party.
 I got the JOY sign many years ago at the VOA.  Good golly I am missing that place!
 The canisters were all found with missing lids but work great for holding odds and ends out here.

 I re-organized and got rid of a huge amount of pots and just kept the ones I actually thought I would use.
 Go ahead and squint your eyes so you don't see the compost and wheel barrow.  This enormous old apple tree was just a tiny thing when we moved here 36 years ago.  It was about 8" in diameter back then and I remember making a little circle of bricks around the base and being so happy to have my own yard.  My boys spent countless hours climbing this tree.
That woman who lives here needs to wash that shed door!  This is looking back from the barnyard toward the woods walk.  Duck your head just a little as you go past the secret garden and through the tree tunnel to the pergola.
Maybe I'll find a cement cow one of these days.  That would make me do a happy dance!


Betsy@My Salvaged Treasures said...

I really think this entire area is so charming! Love all your potting bench treasures and pops of color. Yes, a cement cow would be a perfect addition. Love the story about the apple tree.

laurie -magpie ethel said...

I can't believe you have been in your house for 36 years! Wish i had a spot for a potting bench. Would love a spot to work at. Im always cleaning up all the dirt I spill on the patio where I do pot.

oldgreymareprimitives said...

the trees! the space! the location! jealous

Jewels said...

Love it love it - I am in the process of having a garden shed built on my property from old barn wood so looking for ideas - thanks for the inspiration!

CelestinaMarie@SouthernDayDreams said...

Hi Kathy, I just love this cozy and charming backyard space you have with your potting bench and yard tools. Wonderful place to showcase your awesome treasures for garden storage and more, The tree and shed at the garden path is so quaint. I love it all and your door with the painted sunflowers is amazing. Great color of blue with the sunflowers. Just makes the area. Don't change it!! Thanks for sharing. cm

junqueseeker.blogspot.com said...

It's very charming! I love the blue barn and all of the color, especially the little pottery pieces and canisters. I have a cute little potting shed with a table and windows, but since I found two snakes in there a few years ago I've not set foot in it! Eeek!

Curtains in My Tree said...

Looks real good to me
your potting bench has charming treasure on the shelf
It just looks like something I would like to have in my back yard
I want to know whats in the shed ? with the windows

Art and Sand said...

How do you keep everything from rusting right away in the rain?