Sunday, April 26, 2015

Another Week, Another Pile of Loot

That wolf picture is exactly like one my Grandmother had hanging on her wall when I was a little girl.  It is dated 1925.  No, I was not a little girl in 1925.  It is just a print and in pretty rough condition but a sweet memory for me to find! The pretty lady next to it is also a vintage print but she called out to me to rescue her.
This pretty little Putz church is marked Japan but I'm not so sure how vintage it is because there is a compartment to put in a battery for light.  Old or new, still fun Christmas decor.
Flocked Shiny Brites and red and white porcelain enamel pans.  I don't know what draws me to those pans but I can't resist them.
I did a poor job taking a picture of this vintage chest.  It has four drawers but I covered one up with that pattern.  When found it was standing up the tall way.  The drawers are square so they fit either horizontally or vertically.  The quilted vinyl and handles are a slightly different design but a very close match to this Dream House sewing box I found here.  The box in front of it holds and old piano roll.
A few trinkets and a vintage sachet pattern.  I think the little heart is likely a pincushion.  I wonder where baby's other shoe is?
So fun to find things with the original price tag!
I discovered recently that Blogger has gone flaky again on delivering comments to my email.  My apologies if anyone has commented and I have not responded!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Poor Man's Silver

I had to buy a new washing machine last weekend.  So what does that have to do with hammered aluminum?  Well, I'll tell you.  I keep my collection of aluminum trays hanging from cup hooks above my washer and dryer.  I had to move them for the install so I figured I might as well dust them off and take a picture.
I limit my collection to ones that have some sort of handle so I can hang them up.  Every time I bring one home The Husband asks me if I have room for another one.  Well, I'm going to be put to the test now.  I couldn't get another front-loading washing machine that would fit in my space so I had to go back to an old-school top loader.  The door is going to smack in to the front row so some re-arranging is in order.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Christmas in April

 I was walking through The Bins the other day, stalking junk, when I found this extra fancy Putz house sitting there as if someone had cleared out a space around it so it would be noticed.  Yes, it is extra dilapidated and calling our for some major renovation but it has some special attributes.  Wait for it...
 Santa Claus hovering over the chimney!  But wait, there's even more....
Pull the little wooden bead on the side and Santa rotates and plays Santa Claus Is Coming To Town.  Christmas love!!  Another bin held the reindeer and the picks and they were set aside too, just waiting for me to rescue them from the vacuum cleaners and bowling balls.  A little Christmas magic in April.  Cleaning up the little house will be a challenge but it is just too sweet to not try!

Thursday, April 9, 2015

The Junk Wagon

{BOOM} I fell off.  I mean, seriously, how long could I go without a junking fix...!  I lasted 10 days so that's something plus I slowed the roll.
This rose covered box and the stork are staying with me.  The stork made me think of Magpie Ethel and her love affair with them.  When you shake him he rattles.  I cannot imagine anyone would put this thing in a baby's hands! NO, this is not the start of a collection.  Pinkie swear.
Flowered linens, Shiny Brites and rose postcards.  The dish is an old Desert Ware restaurant  saucer from 1948.  I rarely find restaurant ware. The green box in the back is Dream House.  It is similar to the glove and hankie boxes I collect but it is a sewing box with a built-in pincushion and a drawer.
This is my fifth whisk boom and the first round one I have found.  An accidental collection. The brown jars are vintage Tupperware spice shakers.
This doll was a Bins find.  He is a Whimsy Doll called Freddie the Friar from 1960.  He got a much-needed bath when I got him home.  All the research I did on line refers to these as Whimsy but he is actually marked Wimsies.  A little girl walked past me me at The Bins and did the {{eeek}} and said that's sure a creepy baby - LOL.
Speaking of encounters at The Bin, I hope I don't offend anyone, but I saw Jesus at The Bins this week.  And he was strolling through with a live parrot on his shoulder and he was talking to it.  I told you, The Bins is not for the faint of heart.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Easter Decor - Sort Of!

I always feel pretty lame about my lack of holiday decorating.  The only holiday I decorate for is Christmas because it is a challenge to find room around here for rotating collections.  Yesterday (talk about nick of time!) it dawned on me that I DO have a little collection of different holiday postcards.  Wa-La!  Easy to change, easy to store!
My kitchen hutch was waiting for it's turn for a good Spring dusting and re-arranging so the timing was perfect.  Now that I have this Strange Notion in my head, it is filled with ideas for decorating with some of my other vintage postcards.
 I wish I would have thought of it before Valentine's Day.  I don't have any Valentine's postcards (yet!) but I have oodles of vintage "couples" cards that would make a great garland.
I am thinking all the rose cards I have accumulated would be perfect for Mother's Day.  Does anybody decorate for Mother's Day??
I am really looking forward to searching out cards for other holidays.  I have Christmas and New Year's and Thanksgiving and some Saint Patrick's Day.  Surely there must be some for 4th of July.  I am late to the party but at least I showed up!
Wishing you all a Happy, Hoppy and Blessed Easter!

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Inspiration Sideways

It has been ages since I made a new altered book page and I was in need of some play time in the midst of my purge and catch-up so I gave myself a time-out.  You all know I collect quotes and I have a Pinterest board of "Good words".  My inspiration for this page was this post.  It is often hard to track back on Pinterest because of all the re-pinning and I didn't want to just steal someone else's words so I was thinking about how I could paraphrase.  I liked the ransom note style so I started digging through my box of words (yes, I have a box of words) to see what I could find.  These words jumped out and on to my page.  The inspiration piece said, "She woke up one day and decided to quit cleaning her house and decorate her soul instead.".  Inspiration gone sideways.  I'm not sure this page is finished because it seems like something is still missing but that's okay.  The play time filled the need!

Friday, March 27, 2015

Staying the Course

I put myself in time-out on junking until I have the top of my workbench cleared off and a few things caught up as far as Etsy listing and Spring clean-up around the house.  I only allowed myself one junk stop last weekend and that was has only to drop off an armful of reference books I thought Nina could use.  I couldn't resist this one little card of scottie buttons while I was there.  The one in the upper right has a bail on the back so you can make a matching necklace.  How adorable!
Last weekend I made war on the dust bunnies in my bedroom, organized the imaginary booth stock in the attic and hauled off a donate load.  The load is feeling lighter already!  I usually do what I call the "great purge" in January but got a late start this year due to illness.  I plan to stay the course this weekend and hopefully get back to the regularly scheduled programming very soon.  No junking makes Kathy a dull girl.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Happy Mail

I received a sweet surprise in my mailbox this week.  This is from Wendy who joined in on the Pay It Forward swap.  A handmade card and a delightful altered Altoids tin. Burlap is all the rage but I haven't worked with it myself so that makes this tin even more fun.
She filled it with, what else, BUTTONS!  You know I was tickled and love the lace inside the lid, too.
The bottom of the tin is decorated just as beautifully as the top.  Thank you, Wendy, for such a treasure!

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Finds and Buttons

Well now, this week certainly went by in a flash and here it is, Saturday again.  There wasn't a lot of time for junking this week and that is a GOOD thing since, if I don't see it, I can't be tempted to drag it home.  Today's mission is to organize the booth stash and chase dust bunnies out of the house!
This birdie planter was a gift to myself for having to work last weekend.  It was found and Nina and Joe's and you know it didn't take me even one second to know I had to have it to add to my collection.
This beautiful book was published in 1939 and it is filled with art prints.  I plan to list it on Etsy even though it weighs about a million pounds to ship. I am always reluctant to list the heavy stuff because of the shipping cost but I have to remind myself that not everyone is the cheapskate that I am.
Pretty pillow ticking and lace yardage that I can use in my inspiration kits. The book with missing covers is a history of Minnesota.  There are some great pictures inside so it is a good "cutter".
A sweet angel hair angel tree topper and a few jello molds.  I grabbed that rattan trivet because I saw a clever idea on Pinterest where someone hooked a bunch of them together and made a small rug.  I see the trivets pretty often and always pass them by but thought I might like to try making one of those.
A delightful tea pot tin and a quilted yellow vinyl sewing box.
A little pile of lace ruffles and an embroidered table topper.
These are my favorite buttons from the latest mother lode button score.
Mother of pearl, glass and china.
I have not found the china stencil with this black design before.
After I took this picture I noticed I should have given this one a little scrub first.  I used to find Girl Scout buttons all the time but they seem to be getting few and far between now but still more frequent than other scouting buttons.
Hope you all have a junky weekend!

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Lunch at The Bins

No, I did not eat lunch at The Bins, although I have seen people do it!  Since I work so close I heeded the encouragement of several blog enablers friends to see what would turn up if I stopped every day.  This represents about 40 minutes of digging each day this week, although I did have to "speed pick" the place in 20 minutes on one day.
This vintage girl was already missing her arms and she is destined to lose the rest of her body as soon as I can figure out how to get it off.  There is a metal rod running from her neck to a speaker in her tummy.  Head bone connected to the belly bone, dem bones, dem bones, dem dry bones...
 All in all, the loot was similar to an estate sale only spread over 5 days.
 By going every day I was able to realize that everything left in a bin that goes to the back room is not immediately headed to the dumpster.  There were several times when I saw things I had seen the day before and realized they had piled new junk on top and brought the bin back out.  It would interesting to know what their criteria is for deciding it is time to empty it and start over.
I dug and dug and another picker even helped me but I could not find the lid for that tin in the upper right with the vintage silver leaves in it.  Sometimes people toss things from one bin to another as they are digging so you have to pick the nearby bins when you are looking for something.  In the end I took it anyway because I think it would be great with a glass inside so it could be used as a vase.
 These little spun head sweeties were inside an old Hickory Farms box.  I have learned to ALWAYS pick up boxes and give them a shake to see if there is something inside.  Since I have been picking there I have found a 14K gold ring and a stunning vintage angel tree topper that way.  The best thing is the box has protected them from the dead vacuum cleaners and bowling balls that get tossed on top.
 I adore the little green bowl.  The condition is beyond selling but I think it will be perfect as a saucer under a flower pot.  I learned it is Gladding McBean which was part of the Franciscan line.  My father-in -law worked for the Interpace factory that made Franciscan dishes for years so that was interesting for me to learn about.  When I got married he offered us any set of Franciscan dishes we wanted and we chose some trendy brown ones that I have regretted for 40 years because I could have gotten Franciscan Cherry Blossom FOR THE ASKING.  Yes, I was a teenage bride and that young and stoooopid.  Every time I see a piece I say "there are my dishes I didn't get".  We all have a few life regrets....
 This is a copy of the complete works of William Shakespeare in a lovely tooled leather jacket.
 I gathered up these three Tom Swift books from two different bins.  I adore the titles and they are perfect for display.
  I was delighted when I found the blue INARCO sugar bowl that goes with the set I found at the VOA in this post. Three vintage crochet pattern books and a sweet circus themed baby clothes hanger.  Sorry I didn't take a better picture of that!
 Two boxes of Shiny Brites and a few that will be added to my personal collection for my tree.  The head popped right off this old one-legged doll and I love the wonky, winky eyes.
The picture in the back is not embroidery and not paint-by-number.  It is painted with those embroidery paint pens that were popular back in the day and already framed.
Will I be going back, well maybe not every single day but, boy howdy, YES, I will be be back for more.  I think I'm addicted to The Bins.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Walking the Talk

My last post was about "blooming where you are planted".  Well, it's time for me to walk the talk.  I recently announced that the elusive antique mall space was finally on the horizon but it has fallen through and I am back on the waiting list.  The other dealer decided not to vacate after all but at least I know that I am in the running!  I had just finished up these little signs I thought I would add to the booth but now I might just list them on my Etsy..  blooming where I am planted and shouldering on.
Later the same day I stopped at the VOA and another motherlode of buttons took some sting out of the disappointment.  I am still sorting and promise I won't put you through so many button posts this time!

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Bloom Where You Are Planted

Even if it is smack in the middle of a path.  Well, I didn't really plant these.  They just popped up there so I let them stay because they seems to be exactly where they want to be.  Maybe because they get noticed - LOL!
It is a beautiful day in the PNW with blue sky and temps near 70.  Everything is "springing" to life.