Friday, September 19, 2014

4500 Miles Later

 Hey, my friends, if I have seemed a little absent lately it is because I have been "down on the farm" visiting my son at his new home in Pennsylvania.
 We stayed nine days and had a marvelous visit!  The Pennsylvania countryside is simply gorgeous.  The PNW has a reputation for being green but it doesn't hold a candle and they don't even have to drag hoses around and water.
I won't bore you with all of my vacation pictures but there will be a few more to come.  There were Amish buggies clopping down the road in front, chickens, a railroad museum, Lake Erie, a maritime museum, a brewfest and I even scored a little junk.
I have never experienced jet lag before but woke up at 5:00am Portland time in spite of getting home very late last night and not getting to bed until after midnight.  My brain is so confused...
I will be making my way around to visit everybody and get caught up over the next few days.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

The Best Makeup

About the time I turned 50 [a few years ago!] I stopped using cosmetics, other than a little compact powder for the shiny nose.  Somehow, 50 was a very liberating age for me.  I felt a surge of freedom, like I was finally free to be who I really am and stop trying to be what society told me I should be.  I don't know how much it does for me, especially with high-def cameras, but joy certainly FEELS like the best makeup to me!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Recent Junk Rescues

Well, I can't really call these rescues on Betsy's level so I should call them "fix-ups" instead.
This is what became of that crusty old camera I scored this post.  I added a vintage postcard, printed out the  words and WA-LA, no longer crusty. Oh, and I scrubbed off the garage dirt.
This is the 8-track case from this post.  I'm not sure the outside is finished but I have to let it "steep" a while to decide if I want to do more.
The inside is finished.  A little vintage wallpaper goes a long ways in a fix-up!  See, I ready do DO something with some of this stuff I drag home!  8+)

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Accidentally Intentional

Is accidentally intentional an oxymoron??  I'm guessing so.  These little collections didn't start out to be intentional.  They mostly started as "also ran" poke sack fodder but I eventually found myself buying them on purpose.
I have seen much larger dice collections but mine have filled the jar and are about ready for a new one.  I am especially fond of the teeny-tiny ones.
Pot metal game pieces.  Yes, I have been known to pry open a box at the thrift to see if the game pieces are still inside.  Did you know they retire Monopoly pieces when they introduce new ones?  The latest retire is the iron and they replaced it with a cat.  I haven't seen one of those yet.  There are also GOLD plated ones in the deluxe sets.  No, I have not found any of those!
I am not in to the thimbles that are made for collecting but I adore the old ones that were given as advertising premiums and ANY of the colored plastic ones.
Oops collections!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The Hong Kong Hummels

My recent posts have been heavy on the junking and you are probably getting tired of my babbling about the treasure hunting [I know my husband is!] so I will mix it up a little with a collection post.
Several weeks ago I scored my second "Hong Kong Hummel" and mentioned I thought they were the start of an intentional collection.  I live in a small house so I don't have a lot of on-purpose collections, especially not thing that are just for looking at, but these intrigued me.  I went on line and discovered that is what other people call them, too, and quickly added a few to make the collection official.  My criteria is more about the subject matter than the condition so some are a little rough around the edges but it doesn't detract a bit from those sweet little faces in my eyes.

Monday, September 8, 2014

I Caved

I had good intentions to skip the weekend junking except for my weekly pilgrimage to the VOA. [I have to go there or they might send out a pose to look for me.]  I didn't even look at the estate sale listing so I wouldn't be tempted.  I only found three things at VOA, the old hand mirror, a hanger and that old leatherette storage box.  Nice enough finds but I still caved in to the lure of the hunt.  I went home and checked the listings.  Sure enough, there was one right nearby, in my driving bubble, and Sunday is half price day so I cruised on over to see what was left.
I am glad I did because I was delighted to find another McCoy planter.  This is my second one, ever, and so funny that I have found both this summer.  I must not have been looking hard enough.  The two Japan Putz houses were in two separate poke sacks of Christmas ornaments.  There were a few Shiny Brites mixed in but they were in such bad shape I wasn't interested in them. I took the sacks to the front and asked if they would pull the houses out for me and they agreed - yay!  Both of them are a little bent and need some fixing.  Any advice from you Putz friends?  What if I mist them with water and clamp them down with clothespins?
I think the old dust pan is sweet.  Whatever happened to the days when they made things useful and attractive at the same time?  I live in a small 1947 cottage so things that serve a dual purpose have always been a bonus in my mind.
The sale was in its final hours so I offered $5 for the suitcase and they agreed - score!  I have accumulated quite a stack and they are such great storage.  Based on all the glitter and peeled metallic paint I vacuumed out of it, I think it stored Christmas ornaments in its previous life.
I have another wooden hand mirror that is similar to this one and belonged to my great-grandfather. The red silk hankie was in its original package and was in the free pile.  Go figure.
I was glad I went!
Is anyone else who uses Blogspot noticing that all their comments don't seem to be showing up in their email?  I always try to respond to anyone who comments with contact info and I apologize if I am missing anyone!

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Junky Weekend - The Sunday Edition (LAST Sunday)

I made a second pass through the digger sale on Sunday, to see what had been revealed.  There was still plenty to rescue.
Most of the sewing notions came home in boxes and poke sacks that included a lot of random junk I have already edited out for these pictures.  Some junk really IS junk.
You already know I like creepy and this guy ranks pretty high on the creep scale.  It is a miniature Brahma Bull TAXIDERMY.  It looks and feels like real hide and you can see all the tiny stitches holding it together.  Obviously this isn't real taxidermy since there were no miniature Brahma Bulls so I have no clue what it is but it will get a place of honor on my shelf of curiosities.
This might just be my favorite find - a vintage donut maker. No, I will not be trying it out.
These musical birdies are not especially old since they run on batteries, not wind-up.  I haven't cleaned them up and tested with new batteries yet but adore them even if they don't work and will be adding them to my collection of birdies.
A pair of velvet pictures including dog hair at no additional charge and two big slat and pepper shakers for glitter.
I thought the pack of pretty hinges was interesting because I didn't know Coats & Clark made hinges.  More about that old Skippy jar later.  Laurie, the box of cupcake picks is already in the Ethel box.
A slew of random sewing tools.  Does anyone know what those curly plastic hooks in the upper left corner are for??  They are shaped like some metal Christmas Tree hangers I have but they seem too thick for that purpose.
Yes, I came home with a bag of old plastic vegetables.  The plastic cracker holders work perfect for Washi tape storage.
A wooden silverware tray that I stuffed the carded notions in to as I sorted.  The avocado green thing in the back is a vintage napkin holder that is holding a bobbin box at the moment.  The round picture on the left is a wall plaque.
This was my favorite find in the sewing trims.  I have never seen this before.  Peace and love!!
I couldn't resist the title on this book.
The music box was a treat for myself from the VOA on the same day.  I remember my Grandmother having something similar sitting on her dresser.  Now I have one sitting on mine.
This piece of paper is taped to the bottom and is probably the name of the song it plays.
Here is the spine on the book.  Whatever happened to the practice of making a book attractive even after the the dust jacket is long gone...
Big pile of lace aka big pile of work for myself.
There were lots of these home sewing labels strewn through the poke boxes.  Thank you, June, for saving all these wonderful treasures for someone to gather and love!
Now about that Skippy jar.  Of course, the old jar is neat but inside there were a bunch of those paper sewing bobbins I often find.  I always just assumed they fit some brand of sewing machine.  Now I am wondering if they were intended for this little basting device (or something similar) since you can clearly see one inside the tool.  Anyone know??
This woman collect spoons, maybe hundreds of them.  I got caught up in the feeding frenzy and had to poke through the boxes and ended up coming home with a tiny instant collection.  I was mostly interested in the display racks because I have been seeing them re-purposed for hankie display lately.  I picked up a tall one that isn't pictured plus this small one with the pretty carving at the top.  I had in mind to paint it white.
After bringing it home and discovering this on the back side, I am not sure I can bring myself to paint it!
No junking this weekend except maybe the VOA.  I didn't even look at the sales so I wouldn't be tempted.  If you stuck with me through this very long post - thank you!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Junky Weekend - The Saturday Edition

Despite my efforts to discipline myself, I was sucked in by a sale advertised as a digger.  I will discipline myself NEXT weekend.  Maybe...  The framed picture in the back says petit point but it looks to me like it is printed on the fabric and not actual petit point.  No matter, I think it is lovely
 Carded buttons, how can you not buy those - for cheap on the first day??
 These are a few of my favorite buttons plus a pile of vintage linens which are supposed to be off limits.  Maybe it was just the last hurrah of Summer but I had to bring them home.  If I don't rescue them then who will?  Well, that seemed like justification enough for me.
 Dice to add to my collection (future post), a perfectly Grandma-green oil can, a milk glass spooner and spoons to go with it.
 I scored my first two Kellogg's spoons (sorry Ethel!) and a Gerber spoon that looks a lot less creepy now that I have polished it.
 Everyone is all a-buzz about Pyrex so I decided to get on board and picked up this gravy boat.
 Love love this old teakettle with dark red Bakelite handles.  It cleaned up beautiful.  The thumb tacks have neat heads and I am sure I can use them for something.
Last but not least, vintage curtain panels.  Scroll back up to the first picture for a better look at the curtains.  There are four panels of the pink floral ones and they are the pinch-pleated kind for old-fashioned traverse rods.  My children make fun of my traverse rod drapes in my living room but I have had the kind you have to pull back and forth and have no desire to stand on the sofa to do it.  That ship has sailed, I just want to pull the cord!

Monday, September 1, 2014

The Beginning of a Junky Weekend

 Yes, I know I am supposed to be in time-out on the junk but Labor Day weekend is the last hurrah of Summer so how could I resist.  I kicked off the weekend with a quick stop on Friday at the SST.  Not a big haul but enough to continue to keep me going back.  The small case has dividers in side for 8-track tapes (ha!!).  They will becoming out and a rescue is in order.  The milk glass compote looks like Fenton but there are no markings.
This flatware is stainless so I don't think it is very old but I love the detail on the handles and it has the look.  These over-sized snifters hold a strange attraction for me.  I have no idea where I will find room for yet another one but when I do I'll be ready!
Two more stops on the junky weekend to follow!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Sunday Junk, a Buried Treasure and Some Catching Up

 A little more junking last Sunday and this is the LAST post where you have to endure the sepia photos since I finally figured out the white balance problem with my camera - WooHoo!!  Lots of lace plus a few other treasures from the VOA.
 I don't think this high chair is especially old but old enough to be neat.  That will go in to the stash for the imaginary antique mall space.  The yellow pot in the seat is Frankoma and headed to Etsy as soon as I get around to it.  I have been doing pretty good on listing things this week so we'll see if I can stay on task.  This is a holiday weekend so that will help - no estate sales to distract me and Division Street Antiques is closed for their annual picking trip east.  I will still hit the VOA since one of the clerks keeps telling me she is going to bring in her mother's button tin for me.  The aqua pot is marked Over Serve Ware and I remember my mother having some of them.  I think they were premiums in oatmeal or something like that.
 I collect Forest Green and Royal Ruby and don't often find a piece with the original paper label.  The modern metal candlesticks in the background have been languishing on the shelf at VOA for a while.  I have been eyeing them because I think they would be great stands for the Styrofoam heads I made in this project but didn't want to pay the price they wanted.  They were 75% off on Sunday so home they came.
 Down in the bottom of the poke sack of lace I found a button treasure!  You just never know what you might find in a poke sack.  If I see a few things I'm interested in then I swoop it up.
 Marked Austria on the back and not something I have ever seen before.  An unexpected buried treasure!
 I promised I would show my favorite buttons from this post and I didn't forget this time. You can click the picture bigger.  The ones on the left side are glass and the ones on the right are plastics.
 I haven't worked in my altered quote book in quite a while so I took a time-out for that last week, as well.  I saw these words on Pinterest and don't know who to attribute them to but loved the thought!
This summer has been SO unusually hot for Portland that I haven't been spending the time in the garden that I would like to so things are looking a little rough.  I did grab an opportunity the other day to do a little pruning and open up this path.  I read somewhere that every garden should have a "woods walk".  It isn't very long but this is mine.
Whew, all caught up!  Where is this Summer going??