Saturday, April 19, 2014

Easter Greetings

Wishing you all Hearty Easter Greetings!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Junk-A-Rama Part II

 As promised, I couldn't resist going back to the digger sale on Sunday and I wasn't disappointed!  It was the perfect relaxation from the big-girl job where I'm running full-on right now.
 There were dozens and dozens of hankies.  It made me think, who has this many hankies??  Then I remembered that I have dozens and dozens of hankies!  I edited my selection but still came home with quite a pile and don't think I will be able to part with most of them.  Someone will be wondering that same thing about me some day - lol!
 The piece in the back with the yoyos has ribbon ties and is one one those vintage lingerie bags from the days when women stored their silk stockings in such bags to keep them from getting snagged.  The lace and the storage box with compartments will enentually head to Etsy when I figure out what I want to do with them.
 A pretty set of blue cross-stitched cocktail napkins.  Wouldn't you love to have been invited to a tea where the table was set with handmade linens.  These will be headed to my Etsy when I act on my good intentions!
 A stunning, mirrored, vanity manicure set.  I dusted it off and re-glued the mirrors and this one is already listed on Etsy.  Yay me for following through!
 A sweet little pair of miniature brass candlesticks sitting in a vintage Lucite soap dish.
 These hankies WILL be listed on Etsy.  They are silk and actually dated.  How fun is that!!
 In case you were wondering if I was exaggerating about the Mother Lode of gummed stickers, here is what my desk looked like when I was sorting them.
These are my keepers from the sticker score.  They feel like metal but have the gumming on the back.  Love them!
Kathy's day off.....!

Sunday, April 13, 2014


 This is a long post, dear friends, because I had a red-letter junking day on Saturday.  I hit a digger estate sale, two church rummage sales and the VOA.  The benevolent junking overlords were smiling down on me at each stop.
 I haven't tried on the screaming yellow and orange top to see if I should bother washing it yet.  If it works out, I will be easy to spot in a crowd!  The pink and green panels on the right are lace yardage. Look closely and you can see a set of two clear Lucite Christmas triptych-type screens.  I think one of them may have stay with me!
The Old Farmer's Almanac is from 1977, the year my eldest son was born.  I thought he would get a kick out of reading it.
 I never, EVER, find old gummed stickers until I hit this mother lode.  There are hundreds and they are scattered all over my desk as I type.  They are sitting in a neat mid-century pottery dish.
 Go bunny, GO!  I don't know what is chasing him but for 50 cents, I had to rescue him, along with the covered Easter egg dish.  He does have two ears, the other one is just pinned back in the wind.
 Ah, a better look at the fold out Christmas screen in this picture.  The leaping deer planter is a little chippy but, um, 25 cents...
 I do NOT collect tins and I don't know why I have so many.  I just open the back of my car and there they are.
 Pretty "Ye Old Curiosity Shoppe" dinner plate and two blue Lucite confetti candles.
 Old cloth tape measures, tomato pincushions for my collection, a button hook, crochet hat needle and thimble case, two miniature candelabras made from twisted tin, paper doilies and an old leatherette case I will use for an inspiration box.
 Hot iron transfers.  I really need to get around to listing some of these because I have quite a pile.  I'm a lot better at accumulating the junk than I am in listing it - LOL!
 Crochet doilies and sewing trims.  I know I'm supposed to be sworn off buying doilies but I walked in to the second rummage sale just as they were handing out bags and saying, everything you can put in the bag for $5.  Game on.
 Seriously GROOVY 60s tissue box and a sweet 50s sewing pattern.  There were quite a few old patterns at the digger sale but a lot of them looked like they had been through a fire and then water damaged so I passed.  That and the fact that I have at least 50 or 60 in line to be checked.  A very tedious chore.
 Got glitter!  I don't use a lot of glitter but a poke sack full of jars, all for one money at the VOA?  Just in case I need some.
 Oops, there's that tine again.  What's up with that?  Pretty pink ribbon just a little late for Easter crafting.
A-dorable crochet hot pad.   The estate sale was a serious digger sale.  I had to go back on Sunday to see what else had been revealed.  That will be the next post.
I hope you all had the junking luck on your side this weekend!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

A Little Bit O' Spring

 It has been too rainy on the days I am able to take pictures so I never got any daffodil pictures but Spring is, indeed, arriving in Portland.  Today was lovely so I walked around the yard tonight and snapped a few pictures.  This is the Mrs. G.W Leek, one of my favorites, just getting rhododendron season started.
 Grape Hyacinths in the path to the pond.  I let them bloom where they are planted (or turned up!).
 Bergineas by the fish pond.  The pump gave up last fall so the waterfall has been off all winter.  The fish seem to have grown and thrived in spite.  I have the new pump sitting on the patio and The Husband pulled out his fishing waders tonight so I can wear them to wade in and install the new pump.  Looking forward to that adventure - not!
 Silver Dollar plants.  The flowers are so much different that the seed pods they are known by.
The Camellias are just about done but I found one bloom still photo-worthy.  There is a quote...  Spring comes and the grass just knows to grow. How lucky are we?!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Odds and Ends

 There was no time for estate sales today so I took a swing by Nina and Joe's Division Street Antiques for a little fix on my way home from the office.  It was a quick stop but I found a few treasures.
 More rose postcards for my collection.  I needed more wooden spools like a hole in the head but this bag contained a lot of tiny ones so I couldn't pass it up.
 A deck of cards featuring famous authors.
 A new birdie for my collection and a great old black and white photo.  Be sure to click this one bigger.  I love that attitude!
 Does anyone know what card game this is?
Since I added some new rose postcards to my collection for the lace book, I decided to show the others.  Four of them were bought on my recent trip to the coast and I failed to spread them out so you could see them in that picture.
I hope you are all finding some good junk in your weekend!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A New Product Line From The Other Art Room

I don't usually use my blog to promote but The Husband launched a new product line today.  Since Father's Day isn't too far off I thought I would give you a look see.  Gift ideas for men are hard to come by and he makes a variety of things that appeal to our guys including pens, letter openers, duck calls, pepper mills and now these new shaving sets.  All of his work is handmade, right here in the other art room (okay, it's a shop) from domestic and exotic hardwoods.  This one is made from Buckeye burl wood.  He will be listing some shaving brushes separately in the next few days, as well.  You can find his Etsy shop here or you can also find it on the left sidebar on my blog.  If you are an Etsy user, please stop over and give him some Etsy love!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

One Page At A Time

 Here I am, once again apologizing for my absence.  Making a living sure cuts in to the play time!  My week was not totally without accomplishment in the art room.  Since my eyes are cooperating a little better I stitched up the first page in my antique crochet sampler book.  It seems like it could still use something but I'm not sure what so I'm calling it done for the moment.
As usual, I got carried away on the scope of this project and there are a LOT of pages.  Hand stitching really isn't my thing.  I don't have the patience for it.  This project will be a page at a time, like my altered quote books.
I always think I need to complete one thing before I can start the next.  I think it is because my Mother would only let me bring out one toy at a time.  I had to put it away before I could bring out a different one. Sometimes I rush too much to finish something because I want to move on to the next idea.  Thanks Mom.
Hear ye, hear ye, throughout the land!  I am a big girl and I hereby give myself permission to work on multiple projects simultaneously.  Now if I only had a 100' workbench!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

About Those Buttons

 Time to show you the buttons I teased about in this post.  These are the "keepers" I picked out of the pile to add to my accumulation.
 A wonderful, big, celluloid with an applied bird and a set of buttons with a raised green center.  Love it when I find this type!  I don't think they are technically "hat" buttons but that is what they remind me of.
 This rose is applied, too, not molded inside.  I am always happy to find vintage buckles in the  poke sack.
 The purple and black button is a dome-shaped tight top.  I should have taken a picture from the side. It is at least 1/2" high.  I think the two gear shaped buttons are likely Bakelite.
 The button at the top is wood.  The set at the bottom is plastic and they feel like Bakelite but I have never seen it with streaks like that.  Maybe a reader will enlighten me!  They are about 14" thick and perfectly straight sided with no taper of any kind.
 I apologize for the crummy picture here but the button right below the buckle is a dark, stunning, carved MOP.  I don't usually like the dark ones but I do when they are carved like this!  The silver floral buttons are plastic, not metal.
 Plastic rhinestones.  This is the first time I have found the ones with the white border.
Glass and china.  Sadly the Calico is pretty worn out but I will take them most any way I can get them.  At least when they show wear it is a fair bet they are old and not reproductions.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

R&R At The Oregon Coast

 I was able to take a long weekend off work for some much needed R&R so we headed to the Oregon Coast for a couple of days.  My husband indulged me with a few junking stops and even helped me "pick" a big stack of patterns.  He was a fast learner, barcode = NO.  Yes, I managed to bring home a big pile of work for myself.  I have SO many patterns I haven't even listed yet but it's hard to resist when you find the right kind at the right price.
 An ivy bowl to add to my little collection, A sewing basket for Etsy, vintage postcards for the lace book project and a sweet assortment of old greeting cards.  Those are actually from Nina and Joe's.  I wasn't ready for the junking to be over and stopped there when we got home to say hello and see what's new.
 I seldom buy single buttons but this Tight Top was so unusual I had to have it.  It makes me think it might be some premium from Camel cigarettes, maybe for a smoking jacket??  It is sitting on top of a vintage brown evening bag that will be heading to Etsy.
 This needle book is a questionable purchase because the condition is so bad but the subject matter is so good I figure I can find some way to mount it so I can add it to my collection.
 I am always on the lookout for old photographs that whisper a caption to me for an altered Altoids tin.  Can you hear Baby saying "I carried a watermelon"?  That pretty piece of barkcloth in the background is from Nina and Joe's.
 A few swizzle sticks for my collection.
 All of the postcards have roses except the one one the top. Sorry I didn't spread then out for the photo!
 Little girl patterns are not good sellers for me but how could I resist rumba pants.
 This is our view from our room.  We could watch those waves for hours.
 The weather was gorgeous with clear sky and little wind the entire time.
 We had dinner at Roadhouse 101.  It is the home of Rusty Truck Brewing and the decor is a ton of fun.
They even have lighted tap handles.  We would have bought one for The Husband's collection but the owner wasn't there.  Dangit, we all lost out on that one!
And so I will end the post with a beautiful coast sunset.  We scurried back home on Saturday afternoon with a parking lot of traffic headed the other direction for the start of Spring Break in Oregon.  Perfect timing!
I will be making the rounds now to catch up with everybody.