Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Da Recent Junk

 Most of my junking this month was just bits and pieces, gathered here and there but I made a good haul last weekend so decided to snap some pictures before I started the cleaning and sorting and storing.  Believe it or not, most of this table full came from The Bins. 
 Goodwill leftovers?  Seriously?  Sometimes it amazes me how this stuff never sold and landed at The Bins.  If you are not from Portland, The Bins is Goodwill's final stop.  Kind of an Island of Lost Junk.
 Really more of a tsunami of junk since they are constantly removing the "picked" bins and replacing with fresh ones.  This is not pretty and you have to stand your ground and be ready to dig.  I wear a dust mask and take my hand sanitizer.  Some folks wear gloves but they feel too clumsy for me.  I guess I'm a "hands on" picker - LOL!
 Some things are priced but most is sold by the pound and starts at $1.79/pound, I think.  Maybe it's $1.69.  The price per pound goes down with the more you buy.  You have to watch out a little because some heavy items are NOT a bargain when you are paying by the pound.  Furniture, bikes, etc are all priced.  Some great furniture shows up there.  The other day they had one of those old treadle sewing machines with great drawers in the cabinet for $40.  Man, did I hate to leave that behind but just couldn't figure out ANY place I could put it.
 It has been kind of fun since The Husband got interested in old bicycles because he says crazy things like "let's go to The Bins" on Saturday.  Huh??  Who are you and what have you done with my husband??  When he is finished looking at the bikes he comes over and tries to help me dig.  He does a really good job manning the shopping cart.
 They call out over the loudspeaker, stay behind the yellow line, do not begin to shop until the bin comes to a complete stop, be courteous, shop only in front of yourself.  Pretty intense picking.
 The Husband is especially handy at untangling the sewing trims that are wrapped around lamps, Christmas light strings and toys.  Keeps him busy.
And lastly, a sweet little pile of doll clothes for the Grand.  They are all washed and waiting for her now.  Four teeny outfits for teeny money.
May all your picking dreams come true!

Sunday, August 28, 2011


 Yikes, I can't believe it has been over a week since I posted!  It must be those dog days of August catching up with me.  It has been busy around here but I did finish my alteration of the picnic basket "trunk" for The Bike That Isn't Mine.  We (meaning The Husband) found a vintage package rack for the back but We haven't mounted it on the bike yet.  All in good time!
I jazzed up the inside with flower-power scrapbook paper and covered the bottom with felt so the cargo can ride in luxury.  I also repainted the brown portions to a shade that more suited the bike.
Anybody for a picnic??

Friday, August 19, 2011


I visited the VOA today and finally found the style of picnic basket I am "visioning" for the back of The Bike That Isn't Mine.  It is slightly smaller than the fall-back option that is sitting in my attic, which I think makes it a better fit for the bike.  My mother bought the one in the attic with Green Stamps in the 1960 and I tole painted it in the 80s and it is, well, very 80s at this point.  I was not digging the idea of trying to strip off that paint and re-do it.
I like the green on this one but the neutrals aren't quite the right color so I have a few modifications to make, including mod-podging some pretty paper on the inside {maybe the lid??}.  In the meantime The Husband is searching the Internet for an OEM package carrier to mount it.
I will keep you posted....

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Don't Hate Me Because I'm So Lucky!

Yesterday was an especially demanding one at the office.  One of those exhausting days where Monday morning lasts all day long and you leave pretty sure it will extend into Tuesday.  I arrived home to find the perfect pick-me-up, cheer-me-up, make-me-squeal-with-delight package had arrived in the mail.  My sweet blog friend, Cathy, at ma vie trouvee couldn't have timed it more perfectly!
 At the top left of the picture you can see a page from the Jan/Feb issue of Somerset Studio where my artwork was published.  Cathy was cleaning out her magazines to recycle and she offered to send it to me.  Of course, I said yes, not expecting to receive anything else and flattered that she would take the time to offer it to me.  Not to mention mailing it from Belgium!  At the top right you can see the beautifully decorated envelope. Each item is so beautifully packaged!
 This is a paper pocket that is sewn along both sides with a sweet tag tucked inside.  The word PARIS on the front is embossed.  I love this shade of green.
 These little glassine envelopes are filled with tiny embellishments and a handmade closure. The purple one is closed with a piece of floral wire strung through the top and the bottom like a pick.
 Oops, I got these in the wrong order.  This photo shows the contents of the green crepe paper "bag" below.  Vintage crochet trim and Victorian scrap - aah!
 This crepe paper bag is so clever!  It is stitched, embellished and then tied with vintage trim.  I love the way she "scrunched" it!
 This is the little packet of vintage papers that were tied with yet another piece of old trim. Love, love that old handwriting!
 Now the contents of the little envelopes.  Baubles and bling and pretty in pink!
 Beautiful blue embellishments.  Oh, sparkly things!
 Bright white like diamonds in the sky.
And perfectly purple in every way!
I am already thinking about using some of these pretties to glam things up a little in my altered quote book.  I feel so blessed to have found the world of blogging and the delightful friends I have made in this cyber-world.  People I might never have known, otherwise.  When I was a youngster {back in the olden days} they would have been called "pen pals".  I think blogging is the 21st century version.
Thank you, Cathy, for the pick me up and for so much inspiration!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sometimes One Score is Enough

I hit the VOA, the Salvation Army and one Goodwill this morning in search of the perfect picnic basket to complement The Bicycle That Isn't Mine.  No luck with that and only a couple of vintage tins and some this and that to show for the effort.  Isn't it funny how you see something all the time until it is the thing you want??
I did score this sweet old medicine bottle that I listed on eBay tonight.  I haven't sold anything on eBay in at least 4 or 5 years but eBay seemed like a better venue for this than Etsy.  These bottles were made between 1890 and 1910.  I listed it a couple of hours ago and I think it will be fun to watch the action {??} next Sunday evening.  Or add it to one of my inspiration kits on Monday - LOL!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Quote Book - New Pages

 This week was kind of a wild ride.  Monday turned out to be the day I had to made "the decision" about my little cat, Lily.  We are slowly getting used to the empty spot she used to fill.
On a happier note, Wednesday was a red letter day for out family with the DIL finding a job she is very excited about and the SIL got a promotion that means full-time work for her.  Up and down we go on the little roller-coaster of life!
I took time out last night to just relax and I finished the altered book page on the left and added the one on the right.  You can click it bigger to read the quote.
I have been trying to remember to post this.  These rotary blades were in one of those poke sacks I'm always buying and I don't have the tool they fit.  The brand is J&P and they are brand new.  If you have a tool they fit just email me your address and I will drop them in the mail.
Tomorrow we are having the granddaughter for the day and the weather forecast is perfect so we are looking forward to bike riding, playing in the hot tub and going out for lunch - yay!  Hmm.  I guess the quote pages might be appropriate to the occasion.  8+)

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Wacky Purchase

Let me just start by saying this is NOT my bicycle.  I am simply the enabler who convinced the husband he should restore it and then sweetened the pot by offering to pay for it.  I ask you, is this not the most beautiful bicycle you have ever seen??   It is a late 1970s vintage Murry with one speed and coaster brakes.  Love that creamy mocha color with the butter-soft butterscotch seat and hand grips. The tires are even original and still have the little nubs down the center.  My photo doesn't do the colors justice. The tires are called "skin wall" because they are off-white, not whitewalls.  They say "Lightening Dart" on the side and have an embossed picture of an Indian Chief.   If a bicycle can be elegant, this one is. 
It is in excellent condition so mostly just needs to be cleaned up which is all a good thing because I paid way too much.  I'm trying to spin that as an excuse for me to get a fancy phone so I can check prices on the fly.  Lost my mind. 
Didn't lose it the way I did that time I got it into my head that I could restore a 1952 Chevy pickup truck that the poor husband had to pull home on a trailer with the extra cab piled in the bed of the pickup.  I took it completely apart.  Every piece.  I had pieces of truck in both sheds and in the garage and under the apple tree and even in the attic.  I even sand blasted one of the cabs.  It took me 5 years to get THAT mistake out of my backyard, and attic, and I had to give it away to make it go away.  I hope I don't ever lose my mind like that again, although a vintage Airstream trailer at the right price would be pretty tempting....
Don't you think this would look great with a wicker picnic basket attached to the back like a "trunk".  That is, if it was my project, which it is not.  But I'm going to stop at GW tomorrow and see if they have one just in case he might want to see what that would look like...  

Sunday, August 7, 2011

A New Love - Vintage Wrapping Paper

I did quit a bit of vintage shopping this weekend and made a rather large and wacky purchase that I will share in a future post.  For today I will show you my new love - vintage wrapping paper.
 How have I not noticed this before, I ask you??  I found this big bundle of wrapping paper for a little money at the VofA this morning.  It caught my eye because of some more modern rose-patterned paper but look what I found when I got home and opened it up!
 Toy soldiers and duckies and lambs and piggies and elephants and a jack in the box - OH. MY!
Beautiful brides. 
 Wedding bells ringing out promises of a rosy future!
 Love birds.
Sweet bouncing babies.
I love these graphics and the colors.  Vintage wrapping paper is on the "look for" list from this day forward!  I am planning to hook up with a new blog I stumbled on the other day.  It is called Thrift Share Monday at Apron Thrift Girl and I will add the link as soon as she has the post up.
Stay tuned for the wacky purchase of the weekend.  I think I lost my mind.  We'll see what all of you think - LOL!

Friday, August 5, 2011

One Last Fix-Up And I Am Done For A While

Where Bloggers Create III sent me on a rearranging and fixing frenzy.  One more fix-up is completed and I think I'm over it for a while!
I bought this great vintage shelf paper from shepshaberdashery on Etsy.  There are yellow accents on the red roses so it matches with my Husky-girl tool chest and the wall color.  The printed edge has a wonderful "corrugated" type of texture that feels slightly thicker than the white part.   
It was a job to unload the shelves and then, of course, I had to dust.  Sheesh.  The vintage paper is a little fragile so I will need to be careful when I move things around but it seem like it will be okay.  The paper wasn't wide enough to reach clear back to the wall so I just taped the back edge with blue painters tape to hold it in place.  I love the new look!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A Little Art Room Fix Up

You might remember this picture of my ribbon towers from Where Bloggers Create II.  Well, the ribbon towers were pretty to look at and pretty functional but I was tired of them being in my way every single time I used the sewing machine.
When I visited all the wonderful art rooms in the Where Bloggers Create III party I was blown away with how organized some of those rooms were and I knew I could do better. 
So... I tackled a little project tonight.  Out with ribbon towers and in with the new and improved ribbon storage over the closet door.  I used a long curtain rod and hung it from hooks because the brackets that came with it were too short for the ribbon spools.  It worked out pretty good since it has a little swing to it so I won't mash the whole thing when I swing the door with too much enthusiasm. 
I am sure they won't stay organized by color since I can promise you I won't be removing spools to add a new one!  I also hung a shorter one over the window behind the sewing machine.  That one didn't get a picture because it is SO hard to take a picture against that window.  It holds all the "neutral" colors.  I like the way the ribbons dangle so I can just clip off what I want.
Thanks to blogland, an evening well spent and a project crossed off the list!