Monday, February 18, 2013

A Good Deed and Some Fun

(source: Collage Journeys)
Good morning, friends!  Sorry I have been absent for nearly a week.  I had an unexpected visit from Mr. Flu.  I won't tempt fate by saying I am on the mend but my temperature is normal this morning with no ibuprofen since 8:00pm so that's a good sign.
Enough about that.  Now, on to the good deed and the fun!  Isn't that the most adorable little post office EVER??  It is in Rupert, Vermont and it is in danger of becoming a victim of the USPS cut-backs.  Jane Davies of Jane Davies Studios owns the little post office and she is trying to increase the volume of mail that is processed there to ensure the future of the little post office and the post mistress's job. 
Here is where you come in.  Jane has has put out a call for mail art.  She will post pictures of all the post cards on her blog and has graciously offered to respond to the first 200 with a card, made by her, in return.  How fun is that, make some art, make a new friend, and all for a good cause!  The address is: Jane Davies, PO Box 45, Rupert, VT 05768.  You can read more about it here, plus there is a great little video about the chickens at the post office.  That link goes to the post about her call for mail art.  Be sure to check out the more recent posts because she is already starting to show the results coming in.
Thanks to Cathy at ma vie trouvee for the heads-up about this!


Cache-Mire said...

Love it! This looks like a historic site, but in any event is worth keeping!


vintage grey said...

So sweet!! Thanks for sharing! Hope you feel better this week! Take care! xo Heather

Laurie said...

I love this idea. I'm gonna blog about it, too! I sure hope the feelin' better lasts for you!

Jane Davies said...

THANK YOU so much, Kathy!!! I appreciate your help with spreading the word about my little PO. Do you ever come to Art and Soul in Portland? I see that you live there. I'll be teaching there again this fall.

Maureen said...

Very cute! I wish we had POs like that up here... ours are all in grocery / drug stores it seems. Uggh.... no charm at all!

I shall go to read more now!

Hope you are indeed on the mend, Kathy. Take care!

Maureen said...

I just finished drawing my postcard to Jane - I will be mailing it out tomorrow. Thank you Kathy for spreading the word! It was a lot of fun to join in.

Maggie said...

Thanks for info on the post office...will definitely check out Jane's quest for saving it.

Such a bummer that you've had the flu. So many friends have come down with it. Hope the worst of it is over for you. Take care!!

Andy's Attic said...

such a great idea
I am glad you seem to be on the mend. I understand that at this point in the healing you shoudl not push yourself or you will fall back. Ugh. take care my friend!

Betsy@My Salvaged Treasures said...

This is the best looking post office I've seen. It's such a shame that so many of these country post offices are on the cut list.
I'm so sorry to hear you were bitten by that nasty flu bug. Hopefully you're on the mend and will be back to 100% real soon.

Blessed Serendipity said...

That is one cute little PO. I hope you get better fast. So sorry you are sick.

xo Danielle

Becka said...

Hi Kathy,
Sorry to hear you weren't feeling well, and I hope you are all better by now.
What a lovely story you shared about Jane's PO in Vermont. I think I shall jump on the band wagon and join in for the fun.
Have a very good day.
See you again soon.
-Becka @ Girasole Farm

Curtains in My Tree said...

Thanks Kathy for the cute comment about my vintage buttons, I do LOVE them

I will send Jane Davies a post card of some sorts, how fun