Monday, December 17, 2012


 Yes, puttering was the word of the day on Sunday.  I finished up a couple of new pages in the altered quote book and made a visit to the VOA.
The picture on the right and the rose on the left are both done with colored pencils.  I made a resolution to practice some new techniques by picking inspiration pieces from my many back issues of Stampington magazines.  The stained glass was inspired by an article by Lynne Perrella in the Nov/Dec Somerset Studio. 
It didn't go quite as planned.  I had intended to use watercolor pencils and then spray it when I was finished so the colors would bleed together.  Well, I finished up the coloring and spread out my wax paper and then sprayed it with water.  And stood there with my head cocked to one side while I watched the water bead up.  I went back over to my desk and turned over the pencil tin and sure enough - I had grabbed the wrong one!  My father taught me that a good carpenter could always hide his mistakes.
I grabbed the right things at the VOA and scored this little handful of goodness.  I love the little tea ball shaped like a tiny house.  The round black piece is a vintage button that someone has glued a pin back on.  I am hoping I can pop that off because I love the button just the way it is.
The broach is missing a few rhinestones.  I sometimes repair them when I have the right size but I am thinking I would like to try something different.  Maybe resin with glitter in it in a contrasting color.  Has anyone tried something different?
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Good luck!


Jewels said...

Kathy - how funny - my last post was about "putzin" on Sunday LOL! Love the journal spread. J

Wendy Wirth said...

I have that house.

vintage grey said...

Beautiful pages!! Love the Art of Puttering page with the rose!! So pretty! What a neat button and brooch! xo Heather

K Levitt said...

Where did you get the image of the lady on the right?

Blessed Serendipity said...

You are quite an artist Kathy. I must be discovering constantly because I putter a LOT. Nice rosary you found.


CATHY said...

I made a resolution to practice some new techniques by picking inspiration pieces from Stampington magazines

LOVE this - I think I need to do the same!!! AND make a commitment to share it on the blog a certain day each week...okay maybe each month (1st of the month).

Annette said...

Ooh, nice pages, even if you did use the wrong pencils! I used to have a tea ball house but it got lost in one of the many moves we made.

Betsy@My Salvaged Treasures said...

Your pages are always so creative. Love your newest little treasures. That rosary is beautiful. Brilliant idea to use resin and glitter to fill in for the missing rhinestones!

Laurie said...

You are so faithful to your journals -- that is so great. I want to be like that. That button is LOVELY!!