Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Celebrating Christmas

 I hope you all had a beautiful Christmas!  This is a picture of the miniature tree on my kitchen table.  I added two new ornaments this year - A teeny, tiny vintage indent and a sweet little tart tiny.
 Laurie at Indulge Your Shelf surprised me with the tart tin.  The packaging was delightful!
 I treated myself to this beautiful ornament made by Betsy at My Salvaged Treasures.  She knows how I love buttons so she included a wonderful metal buttons that has been added to my accumulation of keepers.  This ornament is made from a flatware knife handle and a flattened ornament top.  This woman has the most amazing ideas.  I think I have a permanent bruise on my forehead from smacking myself and saying why didn't I think of that!
 I BAKED the rolls for our Christmas Eve dinner at our son's house.  When I was in my earth-mother phase I baked all of our bread so did it twice a week and didn't even need the recipe.  I really wondered if I could pull it off 20 years later.
 So far, so good.  That is my mother's flower bin.  I painted it for her "back in the day".
WaLa! Fresh rolls for Christmas Eve dinner.  Now those margarita balls were a whole other story.  The whole kitchen smelled like tequila and burnt marshmallows....
Tomorrow the fun is done and it is back to the real world.  Don't forget, there is still time to enter the final December give-away.  Just leave a comment on this post.


Betsy@My Salvaged Treasures said...

I can smell those fresh rolls from here. Even the margarita balls and marshmellows smell good:-) Hope you had a wonderful Christmas. So happy you like your ornament. Your mini tree is so sweet with all the little ornaments.

Andy's Attic said...

I could eat home made rolls until I burst. Yours look awesome!

Annette Beanland said...

Those rolls look wonderfully delicious! Michael went through a phase of bread, biscuits, scones baking and I sure do miss it!

Laurie said...

Those rolls look heavenly! I am so glad you liked your tin ornament and I am coveting your ornament from Betsy -- I saw those on her blog and thought they were fabulous, too! I don't even want the holiday season to end!

Lesa said...

Late getting by but now have a working computer, sort of! Your rolls look marvelous. Might you publish the recipe some day?