Thursday, March 29, 2012

Better Living Through Plastics

 Sweet Amy over at IntoVintage sent me a welcome heads-up today to let me know the National Button Society is holding their annual convention right here in Portland this year. That got me thinking that I haven't done a button post in a while.  Caution...  many photos ahead!
 You have all seen this big jar sitting on the back of my workbench in the background of other posts.  This is where I keep the pretty plastic "keepers".  No, I am not a collector, I am an accumulator!
 I spilled them out on the work table and worked at turning them right side up until my back got tired from stooping so I'm sure some are still wrong side up. You can click the pictures to get a better look.
 This new camera will probably even reveal a few that could stand a little cleaning.  I usually wash my buttons after I sort them but now and then I just toss one in the jar.
 The screen on the camera flips every which way so I flipped it up and held the camera out in front of me, above the buttons.  Hopefully I got them all without too many overlaps.  It was a new way to take pictures.  There is a lot of that going on around here lately.
 I should have a contest to guess how many buttons are in the jar, but then I would have to count them.  Maybe the contest should be how many times I would lose count and have to start over!
 Okay, I'm going to stop babbling and just let you enjoy the pictures......

It has been a while since I joined the Show And Tell Friday party over at My Romantic Home so be sure to click the link and be inspired!


Into Vintage said...

You're my button go-to person and now I need to know how you wash your buttons?

Thanks for the shout out too :-)

Diane said...

Wow--this is awesome!

Laurie said...

Um, the National Button Society show is in Portland this year. I now officially feel bad for not mentioning this sooner!! Portland is the center of the world these days, so does it even surprise you? I'm drooling over your synthetic polymer buttons!

My Vintage Mending said...

Quick...make room for me to stand and drool over those buttons. I am going to need a rag too. Seriously buttons are like diamonds for me....smiles...Renee

Andy's Attic said...

I guess we now know the answer to Button, button, who's got the button! They are so pretty!

Ivy and Elephants said...

Hi Kathy,
I too collect buttons (surprise!), but none so pretty and unique as yours. I tried bidding on EBAY, but found it was cheaper to buy old clothes and take the buttons off than what some people were willing to pay! LOL
Thanks so much for your visit and kind words on my blog. I'm following you, too and inviting you to post to our linky party anytime. You are always welcome!

Annette said...

I just want to run my fingers through those buttons! You have an amazing accumulation, wink, wink!!!

cathy @ma vie trouvee said...

How fun that it is in your town! You need to print these photos and make cards out of them - a great gift!

GardenofDaisies said...

I guess I am an "accumulator" too. I haven't got any idea what my buttons are worth or who made them. I just love looking at them. :-) You have some really pretty ones!