Saturday, March 24, 2012

Thinking Spring

We had the beautiful Spring day we have been waiting for here in the PNW.  Three days ago we had snow and today was sunny and perfect for getting a start on cleaning out the flowerbeds.  It felt so good to get outdoors for a change!  We aren't out of the woods yet.  Everyone around here knows we have to get through Spring Break and the Rose Festival before we can start watching for Spring in earnest but give me day like this anytime - I'll take it!


Blessed Serendipity said...

What a lovely altered book. Is that your work? I hope you get a few more days of sun before the rain starts up again. I hope your weekend is lovely.


Diane said...

We have had the most unbelievable beautiful March that I can remember. It's now in the 60's, and we're so spoiled that we're complaining. Last week was amazing. I hope you can have this weather for a while too!
Love the progression of your book..

Andy's Attic said...

Except for going to one garage sale (which was good) I spent the whole day in the yard. It felt soooo good to be out there again. Good for the soul.
:>) Annette

My Vintage Mending said...

This is going to be one of those sweet books I foresee a grandchild loving page after page...smiles...Renee

Great that you are savoring memories and preserving them for the future.

Annette said...

We've already had to mow the lawn, the daffodils are fading, the dogwoods are blooming and my allergies are kickin' my butt! Spring sprung early and I'm loving it!

Betsy said...

It will be here to stay very soon. We've had rain all week. Today was nice, but more rain expected for Saturday. Oh well, it gets so darn hot here in the summer.