Friday, March 2, 2012

Ocean Interlude

 I took a break from blogland for a couple of days at the Oregon coast.  You don't really go to "the beach" here in Oregon.  Our coast is seldom what non-Oregonians think of as a beach.  It is a roaring, crashing tribute to the power of Mother Nature, especially at this time of year! 
My PNW readers may have seen this before but I thought the rest of you would enjoy it.  These neons are on the ceiling in McMenamins Lighthouse Brew Pub in Lincoln City.
 The red one is not as fiery as it looks in this picture.  Taking photos inside a bar with my little point and shoot is, well, a crap shoot!
 The art work in the McMenamins is always unique and fun to look at!
 This is a view from our room.  That is our stalker seagull who watched us through the window pretty much the entire time.  On the last day, just before we left, we threw him half a muffin.  He fought off the other seagulls that swooped in and swallowed it WHOLE to keep them from getting it.  Yikes!  You could see the bulge in his neck.  He seemed fine with it but I thought it looked pretty uncomfortable!
 Another view from our room.  There was high wind and POUNDING hail the first two days.  It was so loud we couldn't even hear the ocean. 
 Huge waves breaking far out from shore.
 We stayed at a neat little place called Ester Lee.  It is a very old motel of cottages that they have renovated.  They kept just enough of the 40s/50s charm and renovated for comfort.  We loved it and will definitely stay there again!
 We drove on down to Newport for a day.  This is the first time we have been there since the NOAA fleet moved their base to the Newport Bay.  On a better weather day we will have to explore around on that side of the bay and see if they offer any tours or an information center. 
And, no, the trip was not without junking!  I tortured my poor husband through at least a half dozen antique malls.  The prices are pretty high, as you would expect, but I did manage to pick up a few things.  These two dresser boxes are the largest I have ever seen so I added them to my collection for the storage project I have in mind.  I really should get started on that pretty soon since I am getting over-run with the boxes.  I still have 3 days before I have to return to real life so maybe I'll work on that.  Or not.  8+)


Blessed Serendipity said...

i used to live in Lincoln City and you are so right about the power of the ocean. In the wintertime, my husband and I used to park at D river (which overlooks the ocean) and watch the waves crash. I bet you didn't miss the Little Antique Mall. I used to work there and really is the nicest one on the coast. Love your finds.


My Vintage Mending said...

I am so glad you are having a great time. This looks like such fun. Cannot wait to see how you did at the Antique Mall. Smiles...Renee

laurie -magpie ethel said...

Love the Oregon coast on a stormy day..gray and blustery. Stalker seagull made me smile...I think I have seen that same guy.

marie said...

I've never been to the west coast but someday I hope to be able to visit. My daughters took a trip to Portland and drove up into Washington as well. They visited a couple "beaches" while there and absolutely loved them.

So glad you had a nice time and got to do a little junkin' too!

Stalker seagull!! LOL!

cathy @ma vie trouvee said...

what fun to get away for a few days - hope you saw a little sun!