Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Show and Tell

I got so preoccupied with washing and ironing that I almost forgot to show you the necklace I made while we were camping. Michaels was out of black in the balls of crochet thread and I wanted to make a black and pink necklace so I picked up a little skein of Patons that looked like it was about the same gauge. It worked okay but I don't think it's as sturdy as regular crochet thread. I use random beads and sometimes the holes are just barely big enough. This yarn shredded and broke several times from the abrasion of pulling it through the smaller beads. Still came out pretty and I LOVE making these necklaces.
It is unpacked now, of course, but I thought I'd show you the little suitcase I use for my "traveling art room". It's so cute! The tray of compartments in the top lifts out. It works out great because you can put small things in the top and the long compartment is lidded. When it's packed full (like it always is) things stay put even when you pick it up and carry it by the handle. I think it was probably a toiletry case.
I took supplies along for several projects but only ended up making this one. The weather was chilly for sitting still too long - had to keep moving to stay warm!

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Annette said...

Such a pretty and black is so appealing to me! Your traveling art room reminds me of an overnight case my mother had when I was little and she used it for toiletries on our road trips!