Saturday, July 10, 2010

My Own Worst Enemy

It's true, sometimes I am my own worst enemy. Look at the mess I've made! After looking at some of those beautiful and well organized studios in the Where Bloggers Create party I started feeling guilty about what I call my "tangled pile of lacy goodness". That sounds kind of yummy but really - it's a pig pile. Really.
So... Thursday night I started pulling it all out and sorting it by color. And quickly realized this wasn't going to be one of those "instant gratification" kind of projects. Oh no.
On the flip side, it is going to take a LOT of cards to wrap all this lace and those are fun and easy to make. And I like the wrapping part. When I've had a hard day in my other world and all my brain power is used up it is a vaguely creative and mindless activity that is very relaxing.
I use pretty much any kind of cardboard I have laying around, including cereal boxes. I pulled out some rolls of wallpaper in muted shades and some of that wrapping paper I save because it's too pretty to throw away and got to work. You can see some of the finished ones in the front of the picture. It is going to take a lot of glue sticks to make enough cards but luckily the Dollar Tree sells them in 3-packs for a buck so I ran over and bought $5 worth.
Now I need to think about where I will store them once they are organized. I could put them back into the lace drawer but I'm kind of worried I'll just end up pawing through them and turning it back into another pig pile. Maybe baskets. Old sewing machine drawers would be pretty. Maybe someone will leave a comment and offer a suggestion!


Annette said...

I have a 'tangled pile of lacey goodness' that looks just like yours! Mine is in a big plastic bag and a big cookie tin. I like the idea of wrapping the lace on cardboard cards. Maybe you could store them in shoe boxes you wrap with that pretty paper of yours!

Cami @ Creating Myself said...

I have piles of lace stashed all over the just about anything that I can shove a handful or two in! Love your endeavor but I'm afraid I would lack the follow-through to finish the project. LOL But if I were to tackle & finish the project, I'd keep them in those photo storage boxes. You know the ones... they come in pretty paper, can be tagged & stacked upon one another.