Sunday, July 25, 2010

Man I Love Junk!

Today's treasures from the VofA and a fun estate sale. The gloves in the front are very thin leather - I think they call it kidskin. I guess my picture isn't the best. There is a pair of ceramic chickens. I really needed THOSE... There is a pile of costume jewelry, old hankies, doilies, baby shoes, four tiny salt and pepper shakers, a vintage pin pack, milkglass jar, ornate silver spoon, a neat silhouette reverse painted on glass, an old compact, a calculus text book (great pages!) and a giant brandy snifter.
When I got back from junk shopping my DIL and I went to a craft sale at one of the local nurseries. There was someone offering random glass jars planted as whimsical little terrariums filled with moss and little figurines. I told Alayna the estate sale I just left had MORE big brandy snifters and two boxes of little ceramic and plastic animals so naturally we raced back to see if they were still there. Lucky for us no one else had seen the "vision" and we were able to snap them up. Making the terrariums is going to be SO FUN!
Enough with this corporate life - I want to be an American Picker when I grow up!


Diane said...

I love junk/treasures too! I went garage saling this week, but couldn't find much, and was actually a little depressed :)
In a couple of weeks, I'm leaving for Kentucky/Tennessee for the highway 127 sale--4 days/650 miles of non-stop flea markets--I love it!!

Annette said...

Wow, I'm definitely going to work on getting to an estate sale!! The baby shoes are just precious!