Monday, July 5, 2010

Independence Day Serendipity

Yesterday morning I posted my thoughts about how much we truly have to celebrate on Independence Day and the sacrifices that have been made to afford us the freedom we enjoy.

When I finished that post I headed out for my weekly treasure hunt at the VofA. I picked up a nice poke sack of sewing notions. I nearly passed it up because it contained several zippers and, goodness knows, I really have NO use for any more zippers. It also had this mysterious olive-drab bag in the bottom. The bag looked kind of old and ratty and I could feel thread spools inside, yet another item I don't intentionally seek out.
Imagine my surprise when I untied the bag and peered inside. As soon as I saw the needle cards were printed with "Handy Needle Assortment for Service Men" I realized this very worn old bag was a soldiers sewing kit! My heart beat a little faster as I reached inside and wondered who had reached in there last and where and when and why. Suddenly the raggedy little bag took on a whole new meaning.

I have no idea of the age, although the threads are on wooden spools, The zippers look like brass and there are some buttons with anchors. The metal of the scissors and the small pile of straight pins has an odd black color that must have something to do with preventing rust. I have never seen straight pins like that. Above the scissors there is a small skein of olive-drab wool. The needle card includes a darning needle so expect this was for repairing socks. How appropriate that I find it on this, of all days!

The photo below is the rest of the loot, which just goes to show that strange notions can be good notions!I will store the little sewing kit away for today but I think I see a shadow box in my future.


Diane said...

You definitely found a treasure!!

Annette said...

What a lucky find! I think you had a good day!!!

peppermint said...

Lucky girl! Can't wait to see what you create with it!


Joan said...

Yesterday, July 4, I bought a sewing machine cabinet, with contents, from someone on Craig's List. One of the items was a blue pack of needles for service men! This was in the plastic box of notions and small sewing tools. The original owner had a daughter who married in 1965. My guess is that the needles might be WWII vintage.