Saturday, July 17, 2010

A Good Estate Sale Day

Back from camping and still on vacation so what better way to spend a Friday morning that hitting some estate sales. I NEVER get to go to the sales on Fridays when the plunder is fresh!
This was spur of the moment when I realized it was Friday and I was home (for crying out loud!) so I checked my purse and I found I only had $19 in cash. I thought about stopping at the ATM and then thought, what the heck, sometimes you don't find anything at all so I'd just go for it and stop along the way if I needed to. Wow! I need to get out more on Fridays! I came home with 25 cents left and everything you see in this picture plus a book I left out on the patio because I was looking at it. The picture is a little dark so it's hard to see the two old oil cans, a mirrored dresser tray, a wooden carving mallet, gorgeous salt shakers I'm going to fill with glitter, one of those folding tape measures and a neat yardstick, two powder blue lingerie boxes and some vintage serving utensils. Plus I got a huge box of linens for just $5 - over FIFTY pieces! I'm sure a few will end up as shop rags but lots of goodies, too. There is a whole lot of washing and ironing in my future!

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Diane said...

If you and I were at the same sales, we'd be fighting over these. This is EXACTLY what I look for. I haven't been able to go to any in a few weeks and I'm having withdrawal symptoms (I have a problem :)
Great Finds!!