Thursday, July 29, 2010

Happy News and a Sneak Peek

I got home from work yesterday afternoon and discovered an email from Beth Livesay. My artwork and article are going to be published in the December SEW Somerset! I haven't submitted anything to the Somerset magazines in quite a while so I was excited to get the news. The artwork is the piece I was working on in this post. I was SO late finishing it that I didn't even have time to take pictures before I mailed it off so you'll have to see it in the magazine and I will blog about it once I receive it back. By then I can tell an extra little story behind it.
So what about the sneak peek?? I am working on another piece to submit to Somerset Studio. I'm not sure how they feel about showing artwork somewhere else first so I am just showing a small crop in case they decide to use it. As usual, the muse didn't come calling until the last minute but this should be finished up and ready to go in the mail by Monday.
Wish me luck!


peppermint said...

Congratulations on being published in Somerset Sew and good luck on your next submission! ( I drooled over your goodies from the estate sale in last post!) Have a wonderful weekend!
Live Creatively! Patti

Annette said...

Congratulations, that's sooooo exciting!!! I can't wait to get a copy! Good luck with the piece you're working on!