Sunday, May 2, 2010

Fun with Bias Tape

I had so much fun experimenting with the ribbon work in Helen Gibb's book that I decided to see how it would translate to bias tape. So much fun! It is a little harder to push the needle through, of course, but I love the results. The wrapped roses are VERY sturdy compared to the ribbon version and I think they would hold up well on the top of a box or a basket handle where they get a lot of handling.
I used 'cover your own button kits' and the same bias tape as the petals to make the centers on the pink and orange flowers.
The red flower is my favorite and it is stitched to crinoline just like a ribbon version. I might still stitch a few black or brown beads on top of the coiled yellow center. It could use some seeds!
I didn't finish the little woven piece yet but it was pretty simple, too. I just used a thin piece of cotton for the backing then "tacked" the bias in place with Stitch Witchery and machine stitched it in place.
It's kind of hard to see in the picture but the shell button on the little blue bow has two clear beads sown on top to give it some sparkle.
I was inspired by Amber Demien's "Beribboned Bulletin Boards" article in the Spring 2010 Somerset Life magazine so I think my next project will be using bias tape in place of ribbon on a bulletin board. Fun with bias tape!

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Annette said...

I never would have thought of using bias tape! What a great idea!