Saturday, May 8, 2010

Stars Antique Mall

I spent a very relaxing and "authentic" day with a dear friend I hadn't had a chance to spend time with in way too long. We strolled the Sellwodd neighborhood, prowled the isles at Stars Antique Mall, had a marvelous lunch and just chatted our heads off. So good to not rush and to catch up with each other!
I was specifically looking for lovely lady cabinet cards and didn't find much - isn't that how it goes when you go to an antique mall with a shopping list - LOL! I did pick up these few tidbits along the way and always enjoy the hunt. I'll be telling more about the lovely ladies as soon as that project is ready for show and tell.
Here's to authentic days with good friends!

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Annette said...

Looks like you found some fabulous goodies even if they weren't on the shopping list!! Browsing the aisles of antique malls is one of my favorite things to do!