Saturday, May 22, 2010

Another Party

Well heck! I was in such a hurry to get my little cards in the mail to CRESHENDOh that I forgot to take a picture to post here. Luckily I have a couple of duplicates because I didn't cut them straight enough so these will have to do. You can also see what I did with the back side.

I was pretty happy with how they turned out so I ended up mailing off 21 of them. I just had the fronts color copied on the heaviest paper Staples offered then the back side in black and white on the same paper. I glued them together then cut them out. I'm not sure I'd care to make hundreds but this little batch was pretty easy and fun to make. I'm sure I will make at least a couple more sets to have on hand.

With that, I'm on to the next party... Last night I signed up for Karen Valentine's "Where Bloggers Create II" (I put a button over on the left, too). I'm not late to this party since it isn't until June 19th but 330 people RSVPed ahead of me. Wow! I can hardly wait to see all the art rooms and creative spaces. I'm always looking for new ideas and hoping I can offer a few, too.

My son, Andy, came over today to help me with the pictures. He has a much better camera than I and spent a couple of hours snapping here and there and talking about what I wanted to offer for show and tell. I wasn't expecting him today so I was scurrying around trying to tidy up. It looks so much better now that I kind of hate to mess it up! This is a sneak peek at one of the "whole room" shots. Neither one of us has a camera that's capable of taking that kind of wide angle but I think this looks pretty good. I folded down the leaves on the table so it doesn't look so cramped and the top of the table is EMPTY - what's up with THAT???

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Rose Chuckleberry said...

Kathy, i just know if i had a space like yours i could finally channel some of your creativity. I just know it. You know, photoshop CS3 (and above) has a swell feature that will take your handheld panaramic photos and sync them up so it looks like one picture. It's very cool. Stand in the middle of your room or in a corner. Snap Snap Snap the photos one right after the other as you pivot. Tell PS to do the magic and PRESTO...panarama view of your room. I know a photographer that would be very willing to do this for you. Just so you know. He also has a cool fisheye lens that might be a neat effect as well. Just sayin.