Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Late to the Party

Well, once again I am late to the party! Jenny Doh put out a call on her blog today for Moo cards and a dangling carrot offering a shout out on her blog to those chosen. Well of course I had been meaning to get some Moo cards - everybody is doing it, right?? But now I don't have 10 days to wait for to make some for me so I spent this evening working on my own. Oh well, I like to make things you know...
Photoshop wouldn't cooperate and honor the size of the crops on a new layer and I don't have time to figure out why so I printed every. single. one. and wasted a ton of paper and glued up a page to take to the copy shop tomorrow. This is what I have so far. I cropped them out of the inspiration kits I sell in my Etsy store. If all goes well I'll post the finished project. Wish me luck!

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