Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Better late than never!

Ahem. I think this is just about the longest I've gone without posting and here I am, soooo close to my 100th post! I thought surely I'd be there by now but it wasn't in the cards.

Had a wonderful visit with family from out of town and hosted several family get togethers but some bad-mojo-virus crashed my party. After chasing me around for about a week it tackled me to the ground last weekend and hasn't let me up.

Since I haven't had the energy to shoot or post the things I was working on before I got decked I thought I'd share this picture from my backyard so you would have something pretty to look at. This rhododendron is named "Mrs. G.W. Leek" and it is among my favorites. It is in full bloom right now and made a beautiful backdrop for many family photos while we were all gathered.

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Annette said...

How beautiful!! So sorry you've been tackled. Hope you're feeling back to normal soon!