Friday, April 16, 2010

Five Little Birdies

I was wandering through the Goodwill store on my lunch hour last week when I spotted a little platic baggie of artificial birds. They looked kind of different. I examined closer and discovered I could just barely make out "Occupied Japan" stamped on the tails. How cool! I have seen a lot of Occupied Japan but never artifical birds. They are made of an unusual material, kind of like paper mache wrapped in dryer sheets - LOL!
Naturally, I couldn't resist buying them. Here is what I did with them when I got home...I had some leftover pieces from the new art room lights so I used them to make two ribbon towers for storing my narrow ribbons. The little birds are wired to an old pick I had laying around from a worn-out wreath. Fits perfectly as a topper on the ribbon tower - don't you think?

1 comment:

Rose Chuckleberry said...

5 little birdies
Jumping in the tree
One fell out and fell on me
Mama called the doctor
and "HEY", said He
"No More Jumping In the Tree"