Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Don't Hate Me Because I'm So Lucky!

Yesterday was an especially demanding one at the office.  One of those exhausting days where Monday morning lasts all day long and you leave pretty sure it will extend into Tuesday.  I arrived home to find the perfect pick-me-up, cheer-me-up, make-me-squeal-with-delight package had arrived in the mail.  My sweet blog friend, Cathy, at ma vie trouvee couldn't have timed it more perfectly!
 At the top left of the picture you can see a page from the Jan/Feb issue of Somerset Studio where my artwork was published.  Cathy was cleaning out her magazines to recycle and she offered to send it to me.  Of course, I said yes, not expecting to receive anything else and flattered that she would take the time to offer it to me.  Not to mention mailing it from Belgium!  At the top right you can see the beautifully decorated envelope. Each item is so beautifully packaged!
 This is a paper pocket that is sewn along both sides with a sweet tag tucked inside.  The word PARIS on the front is embossed.  I love this shade of green.
 These little glassine envelopes are filled with tiny embellishments and a handmade closure. The purple one is closed with a piece of floral wire strung through the top and the bottom like a pick.
 Oops, I got these in the wrong order.  This photo shows the contents of the green crepe paper "bag" below.  Vintage crochet trim and Victorian scrap - aah!
 This crepe paper bag is so clever!  It is stitched, embellished and then tied with vintage trim.  I love the way she "scrunched" it!
 This is the little packet of vintage papers that were tied with yet another piece of old trim. Love, love that old handwriting!
 Now the contents of the little envelopes.  Baubles and bling and pretty in pink!
 Beautiful blue embellishments.  Oh, sparkly things!
 Bright white like diamonds in the sky.
And perfectly purple in every way!
I am already thinking about using some of these pretties to glam things up a little in my altered quote book.  I feel so blessed to have found the world of blogging and the delightful friends I have made in this cyber-world.  People I might never have known, otherwise.  When I was a youngster {back in the olden days} they would have been called "pen pals".  I think blogging is the 21st century version.
Thank you, Cathy, for the pick me up and for so much inspiration!


Beth said...

What a delight! It will be fun to see what you create. Yes, blogging is definitely the 21st century version of pen pals. I'm so glad we have it.

CATHY said...

Glad it made your day and so fun for me to see it all laid out....Enjoy!! I always had a pen pal growing up - one lived in England. Never associated it with blogging friends - but you are right, it is the same thing. Guess this is why I like blogging so much! cheers

Diane said...

What a great way to brighten up your day--just wonderful little goodies and a lovely friend that you've met thanks to today's technology.

My Vintage Mending said...

Have fun with these...I know I would. This looks like fun. Renee

Annette said...

Oh how wonderful!! I know you will enjoy playing with your new treasures. I have met and made friends with some lovely women since I started blogging. I can't imagine not doing it!