Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Da Recent Junk

 Most of my junking this month was just bits and pieces, gathered here and there but I made a good haul last weekend so decided to snap some pictures before I started the cleaning and sorting and storing.  Believe it or not, most of this table full came from The Bins. 
 Goodwill leftovers?  Seriously?  Sometimes it amazes me how this stuff never sold and landed at The Bins.  If you are not from Portland, The Bins is Goodwill's final stop.  Kind of an Island of Lost Junk.
 Really more of a tsunami of junk since they are constantly removing the "picked" bins and replacing with fresh ones.  This is not pretty and you have to stand your ground and be ready to dig.  I wear a dust mask and take my hand sanitizer.  Some folks wear gloves but they feel too clumsy for me.  I guess I'm a "hands on" picker - LOL!
 Some things are priced but most is sold by the pound and starts at $1.79/pound, I think.  Maybe it's $1.69.  The price per pound goes down with the more you buy.  You have to watch out a little because some heavy items are NOT a bargain when you are paying by the pound.  Furniture, bikes, etc are all priced.  Some great furniture shows up there.  The other day they had one of those old treadle sewing machines with great drawers in the cabinet for $40.  Man, did I hate to leave that behind but just couldn't figure out ANY place I could put it.
 It has been kind of fun since The Husband got interested in old bicycles because he says crazy things like "let's go to The Bins" on Saturday.  Huh??  Who are you and what have you done with my husband??  When he is finished looking at the bikes he comes over and tries to help me dig.  He does a really good job manning the shopping cart.
 They call out over the loudspeaker, stay behind the yellow line, do not begin to shop until the bin comes to a complete stop, be courteous, shop only in front of yourself.  Pretty intense picking.
 The Husband is especially handy at untangling the sewing trims that are wrapped around lamps, Christmas light strings and toys.  Keeps him busy.
And lastly, a sweet little pile of doll clothes for the Grand.  They are all washed and waiting for her now.  Four teeny outfits for teeny money.
May all your picking dreams come true!


barbara said...

We don't have Goodwill leftover bins here - not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing. But I will faint dead away if my husband ever suggests a trip to the thrift store!

laurie -magpie ethel said...

I never have much luck at the bins. Have been a handful of times (close to my house) and have found a few treasures. Crazy place to people watch and interesting to see all the rules and craziness as they roll out a new bin. Glad you got lucky.

Into Vintage said...

Wait - did I read that right? Your husband went to the Bins with you? He is a GEM! I too don't have much luck at the bins but I think I lose patience (or get grossed out depending on what I see) before I find the good stuff. You got quite the haul. :-)

My Blessed Serendipity Life said...

Everyone needs to experience junking at least once going junking by the pound. I wrote about this place here:


A crazy experience for sure.


My Vintage Mending said...

Alright...that's it. We don't have bins in Kansas. I'm coming to the NW to do some real picking. Fabulous finds...smiles...Renee

oldgreymare said...

When the son lived in portland we were always going to go but never made it...and then the dickens moved to NYC. DANG :D

Annette said...

I could jump right in that pile and roll around in it!! What a wonderful haul indeed! Interesting that you husband is getting involved...hope that's a good thing!

I love how the basket turned out. The paper you used looks right at home on the inside.

Sorry it took me so long to comment. We lost power during the hurricane and got it back yesterday. I have a lot of catching up to do!

CATHY said...

You do find great stuff....but that is some serious digging! THAT would be the day my husband would dig at that level. I am lucky if I can just get him to stand next to me as we walk around the flea markets : )