Sunday, November 8, 2009

The PhotoArt Journal is FINISHED!

This is the journal I bought at the hippy store on our trip to Newport. The cover is original. It is made from some type of really soft paper. Once the journaling was done I finished it off by attaching the pom-pom fringe. The fringe was in one of the poke-sacks I pictured in an earlier post.
These are the last two pages I made to finish the journal. This is more of the "juxtaposing".
My favorite techniques learned from the class:
  • The three-column technique for captioning the pictures: feeling words, verbs and adjectives.
  • Painting out parts of the pictures with a white or black marker.
Lessons learned from the class:
  • Use a journal with good paper and use good paint so the pens will write on it.
  • Use a journal with pages that match the layout of the pictures, landscape with landscape, portrait with portrait.

I am glad I took the class and I love the new techniques I learned! I am also very ready to be finished and move on to new projects. I have already started working on a new piece to submit to Somerset and I am anxious to try the journaling techniques in the great videos Teesha Moore has been posting on her blog. Totally different from LK's style. It is so much fun trying them on!

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