Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I have an Etsy store!

I have mentioned off and on that I have been working my way through Lisa Sonora Beam's book called "The Creative Entrepreneur". I have been trying to figure out what direction to take with my art. I knew I couldn't face being locked into one style, one genre; making art for money and making what people want to buy over and over again. That was 25 years ago. When I stopped I said never again. I don't like to say never because we don't know the twists and turns life will take and I know I don't want that at this moment in my life. There are just so many things I want to try. So many things.
I have been working my way through the book and the journaling prompts for months. Writing, thinking, letting things steep. The turning point was the prompt that said "What do you do for its intrinsic value (You would do it even if it didn't pay)". For me the answer is junking. I love, love, love to shop for and accumulate all the little vintage trinkets and bits and bobs of life. For me it is incredibly relaxing and rewarding to "rescue" these little cast-offs. I more than love it, I can't NOT do it. I see these things and I see what they can be, not what they are, and I cannot resist rescuing them.
For this reason I decided to open an Etsy store where I can share my vision with the like-minded folks who respect the junk. I am not sure I did everything right but I managed to post 8 items and I will learn as I go. There is a new link to the Etsy store on the left side of the blog or you can click here. Big deep breath.
At some point I plan to add some of the "so many things" and offer some original art but for now it is my island of lost treasures just waiting for someone to come by and adopt them.

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