Saturday, November 28, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

Anticipation, preparation, celebration, good food, family, shopping, planning and skidding pell-mell into the holiday season! A flurry of activity slowly melting into a gentler place and taking time to count my blessings.
  • I am grateful for the health my husband and I DO have
  • I am grateful for my art room and the time to let it renew me
  • I am grateful to be employed
  • I am grateful for my sturdy little home and a warm cozy place to sleep
  • I am grateful for Casey's artist's heart
  • I am grateful for Andy's smile
  • I am grateful for Alayna's mashed potatoes and friendship
  • I am grateful for Jill's sweet potatoes and deviled eggs and generosity
  • I am grateful for Alexa's happy heart
My heart is full and I hope yours is, too! Happy Thanksgiving!


SmurfyGirl said...

Mashed potatoes and friendship?? Is that all I'm good for?! Ha ha, just kidding! :)

I am grateful for a WONDERFUL, super mother-in-law that likes me so much! :)

kluless said...

You are easy to love, my SmurfyGirl!