Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A new journal started

I was so inspired by Teesha Moore's journaling videos that I had to start a journal of my own tonight. Her videos are SO COOL! She shares her thought process through each step so it's just like being right there in the room watching her work. How generous is THAT? I think it's pretty special when an artist is so comfortable with "owning" their technique that they can put their fear of being copied aside and reach out to inspire and instruct. Thank you Teesha! This is just the very beginning. I didn't have one huge piece of paper like she used so I used the last 5 sheets from a watercolor pad of 140# cold press paper. I used the cover from the pad to make the cover for the journal. I will probably attach some sort of extension along the front edge since the cover sheet is the same size paper as the signature so it doesn't extend out past the edges of the pages. I can fix that. Or not. I'll see what develops.
I painted the cover with my fancy new Golden Liquid Acrylics. This was my first time to use them and they smell EXACTLY like latex wall paint. Stinkied up my whole art room. I wasn't expecting that and have frankly had about enough of that smell since I just finished repainted the bathroom. I am not counting them out yet and will continue to experiment.
I used Teesha's instructions for binding except I reversed it because I wanted the "tails" on the outside. She doesn't like dangles but I think I might.
I am working on painting the pages now. I am using watercolors so hopefully I won't have too much trouble finding pens that will write on them.
I should be working on figuring out how those Google Analytics work so I can track the hits on my Etsy store but sometimes you just have to take time out and PLAY.

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teesha said...

Thanks for the mention. It's fun to see people experimenting/creating with what they have on hand. I'm looking forward to seeing what comes from my techniques mixed with yours and mixed with what you just learned from LK. That's the FUN!