Monday, September 28, 2009

You can never have too much sky.

Those are Sandra Cisnero's words. They might be from "The House on Mango Street", I don't remember for sure. I just love the way she word wrangles! You can check out her website here. There is also a link on the left side of my blog in the Inspirations section.

I also added a new link to Teesha Moore's blog. I have admired her journaling style for a while and only recently realized she is another Pacific Northwest artists. It must be something about the climate here! She hails from Issaquah WA. I follow a few blogs from other parts of the country but I especially enjoy following the like-minded artists right here in the neighborhood.

This canvas is another one of my background experiments. Way too dark but I like the thought so you get to see it. I learned two important things from making this one. I like to use my printer to print the words on the paper from sewing patterns then paste them on. I used a more modern pattern this time and the paper is different so it shows more than I would like. I also discoverd that in Word you can actually type a bigger number in the font size box and go higher than 72. Who knew?? I know I didn't.

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SmurfyGirl said...

I knew that you could make the font bigger in Word! :)