Saturday, September 19, 2009

FIRST TIME EVER - an art class

I'm so excited! I just signed up for LK Ludwig's class called "Point and Shoot Journaling". LK LUDWIG, how COOL is that!!
Okay, I know it's just an online class and not like going to some big deal thing like Art and Soul but STILL, I am finally taking an art class! Back in "the day", when I painted for profit, I refused to take classes because I was afraid I would end up painting like someone else instead of like me. I don't know if that was fear or arrogance or what but now I find myself really looking forward to hearing/seeing someone else's technique and creative angle. Plus there is the opportunity to connect with the other participants through the class blog. I only just barely know how to use the camera so I hope I will be able to keep up. I think I will use the funky handmade journal I bought at "the hippy store" aka head shop while I was on vacation. What fun! It starts October 1.


Rose Chuckleberry said...

GOOD FOR YOU! I'm glad you took the plunge. Maybe I'll take that plunge too.

SmurfyGirl said...

You summed it up so well about the hesitation to take a class. I can totally relate to the painting thing -- I want to paint like ME, not like someone else. I think I'm also afraid that they'll tell me I suck! LOL! I've never taken any classes on painting, but maybe one day I will. Just for fun. For now, I'll stick to painting whatever comes out of the paintbrush.