Friday, September 11, 2009

The moments that are REAL life

For many of us our lives are filled with work and responsibilities and it's easy, dangerously easy, to get caught up in those things and fail to recognize the moments that are our REAL life. Today was an especially stressful one in the office. I lamented to someone that my brain had imploded on two separate occasions and it wasn't even noon yet!
Lucky me, I had a lunch date with a dear friend that I talk to often but seldom have the pleasure of seeing face to face. It's amazing how much catching up two women can do in an hour. Maybe it was the stress of morning, maybe the time was just right for me to put it OUT THERE. Whatever the reason, I shared with her the "plan" that is emerging from my discovery journal I have been working on. As I told her the things I had discovered about myself and my motivations I had the feeling these were things she already knew about me and I just had to find them for myself. She encouraged me and that encouragement SO validated that I am going in the right direction! How lucky am I to call her friend!
As if that wasn't enough bliss for one day, my daughter-in-law stopped by my office a couple of hours later to drop off an Avon order for a co-worker. She came into my office and held out her closed hand and said "I have a present for you". A present! She opened her hand there were four tiny, perfect acorns. I sucked in my breath and said, "Oh! how cool!". She said "I don't know what's wrong with me, somehow I've started getting your genetics and I've started picking things up off the ground, yesterday I found a feather." OMG! How lucky am I to get a daughter-in-law that I love like she was my own but, maybe more important, I get to count her as FRIEND.
When I go to sleep tonight I will not be cursing the stresses of the office. I will be counting the blessings of my LIFE!

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SmurfyGirl said...

Yay! I'm glad I could brighten your day a little! I ALMOST passed on those acorns that day, but something told me to take a second look, and so I picked up a bunch of pretty little acorns to take home. Then, when I got to your office, I thought: "who better to give these acorns to?" :)