Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Art room re-organization

Good grief, what have I gotten myself into! I finally bought a nice tall bookcase to replace that rickety little table/shelf I've been using since I first reclaimed the room and set it up. I have waited and searched, hoping to find something vintage but everything I find is always too big. I found a tall, narrow bookcase at Bi-Mart for just $99 so decided this will work just fine. Solid pine, even had a circle on the box with the words "no particleboard" and a line through it. LOL! One side of the box says Solid Pine and the other side says Sold Pine. I guess that's accurate since I did buy it. Notice I said box, meaning I had to assemble it. That's 2 hours of a Sunday afternoon I'll never get back.
So far so good, then I brought it in the house. Have you ever noticed how nothing ever goes back into the same amount of space it came out of??? ARGH! One thing leads to another and this needs to go over there and that needs to go over here and I might as well sort through this and now I am two nights into it and wondering why I did this to myself. Good grief!
Maybe I'll take a picture when I'm done. Or maybe I will just weep in relief.

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Rose Chuckleberry said...

I feel yer pain. I got a new book to reorganize my books help with my overflow. Thought I'd have a nice shelf or two of books then have a place to display art, just like the magazines. Simple groupings, lots of open space. Nope. Books filled it all up. It's like when we got the new real estate, the books got all puffed up to fill it. Weird.