Monday, November 28, 2011

A Surprise In The Mailbox!

 Remember the little book I told you about in this post? Well, Stampington has had it so long I had pretty much given up on it and then, today, I came home from work to find a complementary copy of "Somerset Studio Gallery Winter 2012" in my mailbox. I had no clue but there it was!
These scan aren't very good and they only showed a couple of the pages.  When the real deal comes home I will show the rest of the story.
What a great surprise!


Diane said...

Congratulations Kathy!! I knew about this. I pre-ordered the book and have had it for a couple of weeks, and I was going to tell you, but I had a feeling you didn't know, so I decided to wait until you saw it :)
It's wonderful!!
There's a lot of great artwork in this book.

My Vintage Mending said...

Congratulations are such an amazing artist. I adore all your art books and altered pieces. They evoke thought, relax your mind and always make me smile...Enjoy! Smiles...Renee

Laurie said...

Kathy, how exciting! Congratulations! I would love to be in your shoes someday!! In the meantime, I'll be on the lookout for your issue!

Annette said...

WooHoo!!! Congratulations Kathy!!