Friday, November 25, 2011

Latest Quote Pages

No, I did not participate in Black Friday.  Yes, I did go thrifting and I didn't get a lot but I did get the beginning of a new project, which I reveal when it is finished.  Just to keep you wondering, it MAY require a few more trips to the thrift shop to complete.  Oh. Darn. 8+)
For now, you get some new pages in the altered quote book.  The quote on the right has special meaning for me.
I don't have a store-bought education.  I have a curious mind and I figure things out as I go along.  When I went back into the workforce 20 years ago I wondered if I could ever get ahead when I was surrounded by young people with fresh minds and sparkly new degrees.  I kept this quote taped in the pencil tray in the top drawer of my desk so I was reminded every time I opened it.  It worked.


Diane said...

LOVE it!! I stayed home yesterday....but shopping today
Wish me luck!

Andy's Attic said...

Great quote and so true!

Rebecca said...

I didn't do Black Friday either...but my girl did. NO THANK YOU! :( She said she saw more mean people and fights than ever before. Very sad.

Wonderful quote my friend.

About the painted Christmas Tree...don't use regular spray paint as the chemicals cause the plastics/light cords to become tacky and melt.

Thanks for visiting...xoR

Betsy said...

How very true! Thank you for sharing this. I went out to Michael's very late in the day on Friday. The line was almost to the back of the store and they only had three cashiers working. I think I lost half my mind even thinking about going out. Looking forward to seeing your project:-)

lisa said...

Hello Kathy

Just testing my new adventure.

Annette said...

You are such a tease!!
That's a great quote. I can see how it would be helpful under the circumstances. I didn't go shopping either. It's not worth risking life or limb!