Sunday, November 6, 2011

I Bought Myself A Whole Bunch Of Washing And Ironing

 Yesterday was mostly work and little play so I made it my business to get out to at least one estate sale today.  This package of vintage wrapping paper cracked me up - "from your friendly Social Counselor"!  I was wondering why your counselor would give you a pack of wrapping paper then I realized it must been some sort of home-party like Tupperware - DOH!  I didn't buy those little chairs today but they matched so perfectly that I had to add them to the picture.
 So why can't I be hopelessly enamoured with something that goes in the dishwasher?  Or at least permanent press?  I was thrilled to find all these hankies and crochet and tatted trims at a reasonable price but the washing and ironing in my future. 
 I did find a new lace-edge milk glass plate to add to my personal collection.  I haven't found one I don't have in several years and then I have found two since Spring.  I actually left it behind because the area where I have them hung up is full.  I drove about 10 blocks down the street and thought how dumb was that.  For $2.50 I can't let it sit around until I find a spot??  Sometimes I'm a dork and this is one that would have haunted me for sure.  I would love to show this collection sometime but haven't figured out a way to photograph them.  They are hung way up near the ceiling in my kitchen.
Lots of vintage hankies.  I start off soaking in regular laundry soap with Oxy added.  I do buy things with stains and attempt to rescue them.  Sometimes I resort to bleach or even Stain Bully.  Better living through chemistry - unless you're a vintage linen.  Once in a while I make an "instant cutter".  What do the rest of you use and where do you buy it?
 I got two sweet little baby jackets and a baby bonnet.  I am NOT going to attempt washing that bonnet.  It is gorgeous and looks just perfect the way it is.  Click the second picture bigger to get a closer look.  So much sweet detail!
 Vintage crochet and tatted trims.  One of my Grandmothers tatted.  I wonder if anyone still does.
A pair of appliques and a closer look at some of the hankies.  They had a LOT to look through and I was there at least an hour.  When I came out I looked at the clock in my car and thought, wow, was I really in there for two hours??  Estate sale time warp.  Then I remembered I haven't set the time back in my car yet.  Have to figure out how to do that.  {sign}


Into Vintage said...

I almost had a little fit when I saw your tiny chairs -- I look for thsoe and never seem to find them. I felt somewhat reliveved to know they weren't recently scooped off the shelf of a thrift store!

I too am a mad scientist when it comes to laundering vintage linens. I try to be patient & soak ... sometimes I use a 50/50 spray of bleach and water before washing. I also love 'whink' for rust stains but it can do serious damage in seconds if it wants to.

Annette said...

You sure found some great stuff. The baby hat and jacket is just precious. I'm always afraid I will ruin the linens so I don't venture beyond oxy or bleach. I was working away at the computer when I realized it was dark. I couldn't believe I hadn't fixed dinner yet. It was only 5:30!

CATHY said...

You always get such good stuff! I'd be happy ironing those!

Teuvo Vehkalahti said...

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My Vintage Mending said...

Oh the chairs are so cute I could spit...I could launder some of my found linens over and over and still never get the smells let alone the stains out. It is a labor of love. Smiles...Renee said...

My clock in the car stays the same year round!

Diane said...

Oh Wow--look at all of this wonderful handmade lace---a lost art for sure--I love it!
I have one of those cute little chairs that I found this summer

laurie -magpie ethel said...

I hit that sale on Friday and looked at that "gift for you" wrapping paper. I had enough in my stash and left it behind..glad you were the lucky person that got it. Also am glad you mentioned those chairs were found elsewhere as I was kicking myself for missing them!

Laurie said...

Oh everything you bought is so pretty! Look at that little nativity! Squeal! I don't even usually try to wash my vintage linens!