Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Little Journal is Ready to Leave the Nest and a Cool New Website to Tell You About

My little Swiss Family Robinson Travel Journal is finished and ready to jump into a Priority Mail box, jet to California and skid in with it's binder rings smoking as it slides under the February 15 deadline. Whew. Wish it well as it leaves the nest and makes it's way in the world.
Next up is a great new website that launched today. Well, really I don't think it officially launches until tomorrow but Ricë Freeman-Zachery is an editor and gave a sneak peek with a link on her blog today. It is called CreateMixedMedia and it looks like it will be loaded with fun and great information. They are even offering a free ebook download with 6 projects as part of the launch so be sure and check it out!


My Vintage Mending said...

This is stunning. So much to see. Each time you look you find something new. The old book covers are art in themselves. Beautiful job. I am off to the antique store. I'd love to know when this gets published. Just to see what the inside looks like. Enjoy your weekend!

Into Vintage said...

Maybe just a tiny peek inside? Love the reuse of the book cover. I wish it a safe journey and return. :-)