Sunday, January 16, 2011

Vacation Finds

My world got busy and I never did get a chance to show you a few more of the picking treasures I collected on my vacation thrifting marathon. In fact, I had a little trouble remembering that far back (LOL!) when I started to gather them up today.
Mostly my usual fare, another jewelry box, more doilies and linens, a satin dresser box, all the usual suspects from my picking excursions. I do love that pink canister in the back. It is very chippy but that's okay with me, the scallops around the lid were just too cute to pass up. I spared you most of the Christmas stuff but had to include that bag in the front. It is filled with glass bead garland. The first I have found so far! They are in the bag because the string was broken but that's easy enough to fix. The amazing thing is I found it at The Bins moments before, I am sure, someone plopped a bowling ball down on top of it. The Bins is what we Portlanders call the end of the road, last chance, Goodwill "by the pound" store. Take your Purell.

Another thing I worked on during my vacation was setting up an Etsy store for the husband. He has his website but I have been encouraging him to give Etsy a try as well since I have been having fun with it. I added his Etsy Mini to my blog, right below mine.
Happy week!


Annette said...

I love it when you go shopping! I'm so glad you rescued the glass bead garland from being crushed by the likes of a bowling ball! I wish your husband much success with his Etsy shop. He is truly talented. Speaking of talented, I finally got a copy of Somerset Studio and saw 'The Poppy'. It's stunning! The picture and the poem are perfect together and the background makes it pop. Congratulations again on being published!!

My Vintage Mending said...

Oh..I love it all. That pink canister is darling. I never find glass garland. Only one time last year did I come across a very small strand. You lucky lady. What a nice wife to help your husband. Keep hunting..