Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Vacation Pick

Today was back to the office and the real world.  I did take pictures of my junk outings during the week so let's see if I can remember where I was!  You can click them all bigger to get a better look.
 This pile was from the old, reliable VOA.  They put out a coupon for $3 off any purchase of $10 and it is good the whole summer.  Well, I couldn't let THAT go to waste so I made a couple trips over there.  I slipped into some kind of picking trance before the week was through and totally forgot I also had $10 of free money at the VOA that I forgot to use.  Doh!  More fun for another day!  My favorite find in this pile is the box of corsage pins.  Those will come in handy for my Inspiration Kits and SugarCushions.
 This pile is from The Bins.  I hit an estate sale that morning and it was a total dud and I was already close so decided to swing by The Bins.  I got some great loot but the bins always means lots of washing and ironing to do.  Maybe that's why I don't go very often, I make work for myself.  Check out those vintage cookie cutters in the center of the picture.  One even has a green wooden handle.  A pretty good score at $1.59 a pound.  A young man (!) walked past my cart and looked at them and gave me the thumbs up and said "score".  Ha!

 This was another trip to the VOA.  That 1942 McCall children's pajama pattern to the left in the middle row went in to my Etsy store tonight.  I was amazed at the condition of the envelope.  They don't make them like that any more!  The Advance pattern next to it is a different story.  Advance was Penny's private brand and the pattern IS NOT PRINTED.  No markings on the pieces at all!  They have perforated letters to identify them but nothing else.  Oh, and they only allowed to a 1/2" seam allowance.  I wonder if anyone ever used one and made something they could actually wear.  I guess maybe you actually had to know how to sew back then!
This pile is from the only good estate sale I went to.  I got a jar of buttons that included some really pretty rhinestone buttons and we all know how much I love sparkly things!  I had to have the sweet copy of A Child's Garden of Verse since it was the inspiration for the little book I made for my Granddaughter.
A week of vacation picking - ahhhhh, the good life!


Diane said...

EXCELLENT finds!! My favorite, has to be the last one--I am drooling over all of these little treasures!

Annette said...

Oh, what absolutely wonderful finds! Looks and sounds like you had a great time picking on your vacation!

Betsy@My Salvaged Treasures said...

I'm drooling over all your yummy sewing goodies. Look at all those patterns and trim, the rhinestone buttons are my favorites. I can't pass up old books and the cookie cutters are always good sellers.

Lovey said...

Oh wow! Awesome finds!

CATHY said...

The stuff you find there is amazing! Obviously you are not competing with another - "magpie: : 0