Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Birthday Pick

Yesterday was my birthday so I went to Michael's at lunch and treated myself to the latest Somerset Studio magazine.  When I got home the husband suggested we go to TinTin for dinner.  TinTin is an Asian buffet and they serve sushi that I just love.  I know that sounds goofy to eat sushi from a buffet but trust me - it's really yummy.  I attempted to eat my weight in calamari and sushi!
 When we finished and went outside there was a cloudburst pouring down rain.  We hadn't gone prepared for that so we stood there on the covered sidewalk, gazing forlornly across the parking lot at my car.
Me:  "You know, we can walk under this cover all the way over to the VOA".
Him:  {with a look of panic} "NO"
 Me:  "Seriously?  Not even on my birthday?"
 Him:  {panic escalating} "NO".
Me:  "I drove.  I have the car keys."
Him:  "That just proves I should always be the one who drives."
Me:  "I have the cigarettes, too." {I know... I wish...}
Him....   hangs his head in defeat and follows me down the sidewalk and through the VOA where I picked up the rest of these treasures in the picture.  I did offer that he could just sit down on one of the used couches and wait. I think I saw a rainbow when we came out.


Into Vintage said...

Happy Belated Birthday! If it makes you feel any better, it would take something like a birthday and pouring rain to get my DH into a thrift store. (or a fabric store) Hope you had a great day :-)

Annette said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! I like how you celebrate! Well except for the sushi! :) Michael doesn't mind going with me as long as he knows ahead of time. And more often than not, he finds a place to sit down and wait!

Cheryl~ZanyMayd said...

Happy Birthday Kathy, Sounds like you had a wonderful day.... Especially that you got Hubby to go along on a treasure hunting spree ~ The Sushi sounds wonderful, when My sil was stationed in Little Rock, I would visit My Daughter & we would go to a buffet & they had the best sushi, actually that is where I started to Love it. I also think that a Somerset Studio Magazine is the Best Splurge!!!

Diane said...

What a great way to spend a birthday--your husband knows just the right "gift" for you :)
Happy Birthday!

Andy's Attic said...

Happy Birthday, Kathy! sounds like a wonderful B day to me. Favorite food and thrifting...ahhhh.

WindandHoney said...

This is a great story. Thank you for the smile. You should always get your way on your birthday.