Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Blogger Be Good!!

No pictures today...
Several of you have mentioned your Blogger woes to me lately and I have shared, via email,  what little I have been able to discover.  Since the Where Bloggers Create III party kicks off tomorrow I thought I would go ahead and post this in case it will be helpful to others.  This is just what worked for me.
  • When my Followers stopped displaying on the side bar of my blog I upgraded my browser to Internet Explorer v.8 and that fixed it.  How did I discover this?  My Followers displayed on my computer at the office but not my one at home.  The browser versions were different.
  • When you try to leave comments and get redirected to the Google log in screen DO NOT CLICK THE STAY SIGNED IN  BOX.  That is what envokes the message about commenting as "anonymous" and won't let you leave a comment.
I have been receiving email announcements from Google about a major change they are making to Google Apps at the end of this week.  I have my fingers crossed it doesn't crash the blog party.
If anyone else has additional information and solutions they have found useful for the recent Blogger issues please feel free to share in the comments!


Annette said...

Thanks for the tips Kathy. I have been using Google Chrome as my browser for over a year and I didn't have nearly the problems everyone else did. I've read that those who switched to Chrome didn't have any more problems. I hope Google knows what they're doing with major changes!

Into Vintage said...

Thanks for your help on the 'stay signed in' issue. I've noticed now that even though I've 'unclicked' that box, when I go to sign in, it will occasionally have 'reclicked' itself. A blogger glitch for sure. It was maddening not to be able to leave comments until you sent me the fix :-)