Saturday, July 30, 2011

Taking The Plunge

Whew, talk about stressful!  Google made some resent changes that left me in a situation where I had conflicting accounts.  The accounts were our family URL, which we all use for our email and my blog.  You can probably imagine how cryptic the instructions for resolving it were so I have been procrastinating. I knew that sooner or later they would close the little hole I was crawling through to get to Blogger so time for a deep breath and dive in.  I have been working at it on and off all day and I think I've finally got it!  This is a test to make sure I can still upload pictures and post.

Sadly, I think the list of blogs I follow (not followers of my blog) was a casualty of the changes I had to make.  I apologize to any of you who saw your number of followers decrease by one today!  I will be trying to make my way around and sign up with everyone again. 

Okay, I'm going to click Publish.  Fingers crossed!!


Kathy said...

Kathy! It worked. And I checked. You are still listed as one of my followers. I think you did it. By George! I think you DID it!! Phew. That's got to be a welcome relief. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. - Kathy

Andy's Attic said...

When I have computer problems I just pick it up and throw it out the window. The new one always works better. Just kidding...I struggle with this stuff becasue the only computer knowledge I have is what I learned for work which wasn't much. I applaud your success!!

Lovey said...

So sorry to hear you've been having these issues! it...hate it's hoping all gets back on track! Lovey