Friday, June 3, 2011

I Better Pick Up The Pace!

I had the pleasure of a "play day" with a sweet friend last Saturday.  Well, that's nearly a week ago now and I still haven't posted my finds for the day.  I need to pick up the pace!
We hit the VofA first.  They were having 50% off everything and I found most of this pile there.  Nothing too exciting except that plate in the front.  The color doesn't show up well in the photo but it is Royal Ruby in the depression glass pattern called Bubble.  I collect Royal Ruby and Forest Green and I have a few pieces of Bubble but this is the first plate I have found in red.  Love it!
Those bookends are just for some art room reorganization I plan to do before Where Bloggers Create III.  It was so much fun last year and that is where I met some of you.  There is a link over on my sidebar if you haven't got the details for this year yet.
 We also visited the Monticello antique mall.  They have a lovely little cafe where we had lunch and then took our time oohing and aahing.  That's where I got the pink sugar bowl I made into a sugarcushion in the previous post.  I guess I got the cart in front of the horse!
I also got this sweet little set of swallow S+P shakers to add to my birdie collection.
And yet another jewelry box {big sigh}.  Not a lot of loot but a big dose of fun! 
They are predicting our first 80 degree day tomorrow - WooHoo!!!  I will be enjoying some outdoor time!


Annette said...

When I go treasure hunting, I don't mind not finding much if I go with a friend. If I go by myself, I'm quite disappointed if I don't find anything. You found great stuff even if it wasn't a lot! Have a great weekend!

My Vintage Mending said...

More birds...lovely. Glad to see you scored so much....smiles...Renee

One Gal's Trash said...

Love the little brown 2 handled bowl! That was our china when I was growing up. I recently found a serving bowl in that pattern at Rerun on NE Fremont. It was the same one my mom used to serve mashed potatoes. You found some very fun stuff!