Monday, June 6, 2011

Spalted Hackberry Fresh From Missouri

Seriously!  I thought you might be curious about the "art supplies" that arrive for The Other Art Room at Our House.  The husband is constantly on the lookout for interesting pieces of wood to turn, both locally and on the Internet.  This is a piece of spalted Hackberry that arrived today from Missouri.
 Years ago, back in "the day", as we call it, all he had to choose from was what he could find locally or we cut down ourselves.  Boy howdy, I could tell some stories about THAT!  Today he can go on line and find an amazing selection.  A fresh, or "green" blank like this takes several years to dry and be ready for turning so there is a lot of long-range planning and patience involved.
You can double-click on the picture and make it larger so you can see the beautiful spalted grain in this piece.  It will make a gorgeous bowl!  Sometimes the wood arrives as a square or rectangular blank and other times they have already been cut round to reduce the weight.  I think the round ones look like big wheels of cheese - LOL!


Diane said...

Oh yes, this will make a beautiful bowl!

Annette said...

Oh my, that is a beautiful piece of wood! I was thinking about the cheese thing before I read what you wrote, lol !!