Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Pick a Pile O' Poke Sacks

Say THAT three times fast!  I did a little junking while my MIL was here.  No big "scores" but I did pick up a pile of poke sacks and you know how I love those.  I even got a couple little sacks of buttons, better yet.

 They were filled with vintage sewing notions and those are my favorite.  There is just something about them that makes me feel "connected" to the creative spirit of another generation, to know those women from another time had the same need to make something.  It makes us all one.
 Old velvet ribbons and trims and an old silver-plated sugar bowl that might become a sugarcushion experiment.  It is pretty, hmm...  rustic.  Yes, that's a good word...
 A set of sweet little hors d'oeuvre forks in their original box. I'm sure glad that word was on the box.
 A Christmas Angel Band, also in the original box.  Someday I will accumulate enough little angels to replace the strange characters on my big wooden Christmas candle chime.  A pack of pinochle cards with birdies on them.
 Elastic button thread - who knew??  Sounds like a great idea so I wonder what became of it.
A few pretty glass buttons and my first EVER rolls of vintage rayon seam binding.  Love that stuff but have only found the small packages until now.  The "good" stuff!  Digging through a poke sack is just like opening up a treasure box - you just never know what you will find inside!


Annette said...

Oh my, I'm drooling once again! You find the best stuff! You know I'm loving all the sewing stuff but look at those forks, they scream retro! I know what you mean about feeling connected to another generation. I first felt that when I learned how to quilt

cathy said...

Ooohhh you definitely hits some goodies on this trip!