Thursday, June 9, 2011

Time Out For A Little Touristy Recreation

My dear MIL, Lisa, arrived from California yesterday so we took a little trip up the Columbia River Gorge to have lunch at Multnomah Falls today.  We have all been there many times but it never fails to impress.  Between the rain and the snow melt our rivers are extremely high and the amount of water going over the falls was remarkable.  The hazy look in the pictures is actually the mist from the water.

 We had a delicious lunch at the lodge and then headed back to Portland in time to get in a little shopping.  We hit DSW for shoes then the Fabric Depot.  The evening was spent working on her Etsy shop.
Tomorrow we have some thrifting planned and then the kids over in the evening to visit with Grandma.  Recreating until we drop - LOL!


My Vintage Mending said...

Gorgeous...Loved that gorgeous hackberry from right here in the midwest...Can't imagine what it is like to have a family full of artist...smiles..Renee

Annette said...

That is a beautiful waterfall. It sounds like you're having a good time and I hope you have an enjoyable visit.