Friday, January 1, 2010

Stranded and numb with one foot on each side of a decade.

I had a plan for this vacation week between Christmas and New Years. A plan to remodel my Etsy Store. A plan to finish two projects to submit to Somerset. A plan to dabble on a painting for a book jacket. Yes, I had a plan. A plan.
The train stayed on the rails for a whole week. A joyful Christmas. A shopping trip with my sweet Alayna preventing me from talking myself out of every purchase (no easy task). Dear Andy taking Mama on a field trip to Hippo Hardware. Good times.
A trip to visit my Grandmother. Her favorite Kentucky Fried Chicken for lunch. A grateful smile for a short visit on an icy winter day in December. One hundred years old this coming March. ONE HUNDRED years. Maybe not.
A stroke on New Years Eve. A woman twice-baked like biscotti by a life that just wouldn't cut her a break. Memories baked so hard they are all she can remember.
Always, ALWAYS look for the joy. They say that if you smile a lot your wrinkles will be in the right places when you get old. I think you can say the same about looking for the silver lining. I hope my thoughts will be in the right places when I get old.

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Rose Chuckleberry said...

Beautifully written. Here's hoping her memories carry her through. And yes, look for the joy. This world is better because of you and the joy you share. Love--