Monday, January 25, 2010

Poodle Shrine

Signed, sealed and delivered! This is the project I said I had been working on for my friend Carol's birthday. She is a collector of everything poodle including four real live ones that fill up her heart and her home.
I searched the world over (well okay just eBay) for the perfect poodle and finally settled on this cute little guy even though he isn't gazing longingly skyward at the birdie the way I visioned. Use your imagination. I am sure he is thinking about the little birdie. In the process I ended up with three extra poodles. I'm pretty sure you can never have too many poodles in the world according to Carol so they were included as collateral giftage.
The poem on the inside of the doors is a haiku Carol wrote herself about a year ago. When she showed it to me I grabbed the paper right out of her hand and knew EXACTLY what I would do with it.
I robbed pictures of her real dogs for the reverse side of the dangling tags. Who says what you find on the Internet isn't free for the taking!
The shrine itself is made from a salt box. Thank you Julie and Paul for eating all that salt! The lid and base are both metal and came from my "I might make something out of this someday" stash. I can never have too much junk, Carol can never have too much poodles. Yep, that's us.


Rose Chuckleberry said...

This is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. In my WHOLE life. And I am old now, so that's a long time. Thank you so much for the lovely shrine. Did you know that poodles are bird dogs? true fact

kluless said...

No, I didn't know that. Luckily I strung the little bid up high enough I don't thin he can get him - LOL! I'm glad you like and I hope it made a smile for your birthday. XOXO